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July 19, 1913

Lightning played hob with the telephones and poles during Tuesday night’s storm. Four poles on the line as far as J.C. Garadiner’s were splintered. Several head of cattle and horses were hit, and an Indian woman was killed in a teepee near Highmore.

Cornelius Van Wyngaarden, the Ree Merc cream buyer, paid the farmers $2,739.08 for cream for the month of June, just past. Pretty good, huh?

The depot platform at this place is being extended about 30 feet at the east end, a couple of men coming out from Huron on Wednesday for that purpose. This is a much needed improvement, as it was certainly embarrassing for the “brakee” to pick up a lady in his arms and “boost” her up on the car steps, to say nothing of the jar an old person would get jumping off the car.

July 20, 1923

We are running a full-page ad for the opening of the St. Lawrence Merchandise Co., St. Lawrence, S.D., for Saturday, July 21, 1923. One of the extra specials is 1000# of Golden Gift coffee, which will be sold for the following prices: 1#, 40¢; 3#, $1.15; 5#, $1.89 and 1# peanut butter free; 10#, $3.98, put it in a 3-gallon cream can and 2# peanut butter free. After the large sale and grand opening and showing of new fall hats, there will be a bowery dance, and it will be a 5¢ per couple dance.

A large number of people from Valleyview attended the dance at John Puffer’s place Saturday evening. All reported a good time.

F.P. Matz and wife visited Heasleys on Friday and Saturday, stopping over on their way home from Pierre where Mr. Matz took his final law examination. He expects to be admitted to the bar soon.

July 21, 1933

Wayne, Bob and Elta Leyson, accompanied by Wayne McGee and Milo Steele, also Miss Woodward of Brookings, left Wednesday for Chicago, where they will attend the World’s Fair.

If we can believe what we read in the newspapers, Gov. Berry has at last called a special session of the legislature, and if the lawmakers do as many want them to do, we will soon have legalized beer in the state. While this paper does not wish to take stands either for or against it, it seems that since beer will be and is being sold openly over the state, the proper thing for the state to do is collect all the revenue due it from this source, and thereby relieve the taxpayers as much as possible.

We are told that a Mr. Conway will attempt a 200-hour endurance drive starting at Sioux Falls and making a circuit which will take him through Ree Heights, then to Chamberlain and then back to Sioux Falls. He will use Phillips products.

July 23, 1943

A deal was closed Monday whereby the Stephan Mission purchased the old W.T. Gardner house from Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Cowan. The house, which is now occupied by the Don Braden family, is to be moved to the Mission in the near future.

Herb Braden purchased the S & P Oil Company house in the southwest part of town, the first of the week and is having it painted and some repair work done on it. When the work is completed, the Don Braden family plans to move there.

July 24, 1953

Hand County again faces the prospect of being 20 teachers short in the rural schools this fall, according to Winifred Lorentson, Hand County Superintendent of Schools.

Jack Struse has resigned his position as local telephone operator, which he has held for the past seven years, because of poor health. Mrs. Struse will continue helping with the day shift, while Bessie Morse and her mother, Zua Hanson, will take over the night duties. They are moving into the back of the phone office.

July 19, 1963

The Model A sport coupe is still good enough for a second honeymoon trip, according to the owners, Mr. and Mrs. William Steptoe, who celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary Sunday, June 30, with an open house at their farm home north of Ree Heights. They were proud of their new car they drove to the Hills 35 years ago. Bill and his sister had bought the car, the first Model A to be sold and delivered in Hand County in March before he was married.

An emergency resolution recently adopted by the town board, authorizing the purchase of materials and hiring of workmen to increase the water supply in Ree Heights. It appears the resolution authorizes the sinking of an artesian well in town. Work has already started, and we are told water will be reached at about 1,400 feet.

Dr. Pangburn, MD announced his retirement from his medical practice, to become effective July 13. Dr. Pangburn has practiced medicine in Miller for 33 years.

July 20, 1973

June 22 at 7:30 p.m. in the United Church of Christ, occurred the marriage of Debra Jean Pratt and Terry Lee Kopecky. Mrs. Roma Eschliman officiated at the double ring ceremony.

Leann Sivertsen, Ree Heights, was crowned Junior Queen of the Central South Dakota 4-H Rodeo, held at Blunt July 14-15. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leland Sivertsen.

July 21, 1983

Stella Hammill and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hartmann and girls, Pierre, attended a Beck-Hammill reunion at the Bruce Hammill home in Miller Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hammill attended also.

Rodney Fawcett, Marie, Brenda and Chad attended the National Hereford Expo at Cheyenne, Wyo. from Thursday to Sunday. The girls’ entries took third and fifth in their class of 25.

Jim Graham, Benny Foust and Richard Joy, all of Miller, and Larry Joy, Midland, called on Buster Deuter Saturday and went through their museum.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cook announce the arrival of their first granddaughter. She was born to Mr. and Mrs. Terry Cook, Alakanuk, Alaska, on June 11.

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