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July 12, 1913

Again death has claimed the life of an old pioneer. Mrs. W.H. Vreeland recently passed away at her home in Sioux Center, Iowa, at the age of 65 years. She was laid to rest beside her son who passed away 14 years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Vreeland and two children came to Ree Heights from Illinois in 1882 and moved to Maurice, Iowa in 1891. She leaves to mourn her death an aged husband and her daughter, Mrs. Fred Furman, Miller. He will be coming to Miller to make his home with his daughter.

While returning in an auto from Highmore Thursday, Dr. Schroeder met with quite an accident at the bridge west of town. The machine turned a complete somersault, alighting on its wheels all OK. The lamps were broken out and Doc got a bad gash over one eye.

A short thunderstorm passed over this place Tuesday morning. A bolt of lightning struck the T.W. Rhodes house, following down the gutter, doing a great deal of damage. A few minutes before this, George Steptoe’s large barn was struck, set afire and burned to the ground. Two horses and all the harnesses burned up with the building.

July 13, 1923

Another robbery was pulled off in Ree Heights Sunday night by unknown thieves who entered the Dale Filling Station and made away with tires, tubes and accessories amounting to about $600. Entrance was effected in the station by breaking a window at the side, and nothing was known of the act until morning, when Mr. B.A. Bell, who was meeting the morning train, noticed what had happened.

Monday afternoon, Mrs. VanHorn and her sister and two children were en route from Pierre to Huron when, near the John Speirs farm, they drove to near the edge in the soft gravel and the car overturned, pinning Mrs. VanHorn beneath the car. Carl Speirs succeeded in raising the car and releasing both ladies and children.

July 14, 1933

On July 1, the post office received word on postage on First Class matter deposited at a post office for local delivery. This rate pertains to letters mailed on the route for delivery in town and to letters mailed in town for delivery on the route.

Saturday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Blaseg, Sr. entertained at a reception in honor of their newly-married son, Walter and wife. Many were there to enjoy the evening.

Mrs. Raymond Ensign and three boys of New Jersey stopped in Ree Heights Tuesday en route to the west coast to visit his mother and sisters. Mr. Ensign is the son of Frank Ensign, who will be remembered by old timers as a merchant here 40 years ago. They, at one time lived in the house, which is now occupied by Curt Hammill, and also lived on a farm, which is known as the Cahalan farm, four miles north of town where Ervin Kost now lives.

July 16, 1943

Last week Curt Hammill sold his blacksmith tools and equipment to Ervin Bauer of Miller. The buildings were not included in the sale. Mr. Hammill established the business in its present location 13 years ago and has operated it continuously since. This was the second hitch as village blacksmith in Ree Heights. Some years ago before World War I he operated a blacksmith business located on the lots east of the alley back of the Masonic Lodge building, and was in business for seven years.

Mr. and Mrs. Hines received a letter from Mrs. Clara Hines, who is working for Columbia Aircraft in Portland, Ore., telling of the marriage of her youngest son Rex on Saturday evening, June 19, at LaGrande, Oregon.

A letter was received by relatives from Av/c Edwin Hasart of Lodi, Calif., that he is in basic training at Enid Army Flying School in Enid, Okla. Ac/c Hasart lived at one time south of Ree Heights and attended high school in Ree Heights.

July 17, 1953

Funeral services were held Saturday for P.L. Prostrollo, 57, who died suddenly at his home in Howard July 10. Pasciel Prostrollo was born July 3, 1896 on a farm southwest of Ree Heights and grew to young manhood. For many years Paddy, as he was known by his friends, drilled wells and for several years operated the S & P Oil Company here. He was the founder of that business.

Bud Heasley, Bonnie Hall and Robert Steptoe drove to Colorado Springs Friday and brought Donald Heasley and Kenneth Steptoe, who are stationed at the Army base there. Delores Steele of Rapid City accompanied them and returned here with them. She is visiting in the Wm. Steptoe home.

July 12, 1963

The local fire department has a new truck. It was delivered to the Ree Heights Volunteer Fire Department Saturday. The two-ton International truck is especially fitted for fighting prairie fires. It has a 1,000-gallon tank with an 18-horsepower pumping unit.

Alfred Bouren, who operated the Phillips 66 in Ree Heights, was knocked down and blinded for a time when a rim on a tire he was working on broke. The force of the explosion broke a nearby window. He was taken to the hospital for treatment. Although painful for a time, he states he was lucky as the tire itself did note strike him.

Water meters are being installed in Ree Heights. After the first two or three months, everyone will be asked to read their own meters and give or mail water bill money to the town clerk. The south end of town has been completely without water several times.

July 13, 1973

Heat and humidity have gone hand in hand this past week and it appears that the end is not in sight. The temperature zoomed o a high of 101. Despite the fact that Miller residents were treated to two electrical storms, rainfall totaled only .11 of an inch. Instead of cooling the atmosphere as expected, it only added to the humidity.

Crops in areas southwest of Miller were severely damaged and in some instances completely wiped out. Hardest hit were the Glendale and Mondamin Townships. Among those whose loss was reported as most serious was Ronald Waring, who said one field of oats was so badly hit by the hail that nothing remained, even to be cut for feed, while other fields were less severely damaged.

July 14, 1983

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cook were Sunday afternoon and evening guests at Mr. and Mrs. Mike Clements’ pork barbecue. A huge crowd was in attendance despite the 100-degree temperature.

Louise Ferrell and Pat Lass attended Rough Rider Days at Dickinson, N.D. Friday and Saturday. They came home by way of Pierre on Monday and visited with Mike and Laurie Cadman.

The Ree Heights Community Church will celebrate its 100th anniversary August 6-7. The Ree Heights Church has the distinction of being the only church in Hand County to date still using the building that they started in.

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