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July 5, 1913

Tuesday evening while the ball team was working out on the diamond, and the choir was practicing at the church, word was sent over the phone that the Loveless house was on fire. All the boys ran at once to the scene, but were too late to assist with extinguishing the fire. Mrs. Rhodes discovered the fire, and a crowd gathered and entered the house, which was full of smoke from the burning bedding. But a little water soon settled the blaze, when the bedding was dragged outside, the excitement was over.


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Friday and Saturday were two fierce days on the growing crops, and but for the abundant rains in May, some of which still remain on the ground, everything would have perished. The breeze was from the south and southeast and was laden with dust and had a temperature of 100-106.

Another band of roving Gypsies camped near town recently, one night on the Yochem place, and one night just east of W.T. Gardner’s rye. John Wiren reports losing a number of valuable chickens. What to do with these thieving vagabonds is a question.

July 6, 1923

Fourth of July has come and gone, although handicapped by rain at intervals all during the day, the events on the program were carried out except the ball game between Ree Heights and Highmore.

During the day, airships hovered over the town. Many enjoyed a ride into the clouds, a 2,000-foot parachute jump, wing walking and other stunts furnished a thrill for all.

At a pretty home wedding Wednesday, June 27, Miss Grace Williams was united in marriage to Howard Beck. Rev. Paul Gardner performed the ceremony in the presence of friends and relatives of the bride and groom.

July 7, 1933

Roy Hammill, James McCool and Lloyd Hill, members of the restoration army, spent this week at home visiting their families.

A young man identified as Lloyd Chamberlain, 29, of Piper City, Ill., was found Saturday about 11 a.m. 1 ½ miles south of Ree Heights on the side hill, about 300 feet off the road. It appeared he had lain for about 48 hours after being beaten nearly to death with some blunt instrument. He was discovered Saturday forenoon when Max Curtis and Aaron Williamson turned off the county road to go to the dump grounds. They came to town and reported the discovery to Lynn Cowan, county commissioner, and at his request asked the aid of Peter Suhn and Charlie Beranek, who accompanied Lynn Cowan to the man’s assistance. Pete Suhn and Aaron Williamson took Chamberlain to Miller in Pete Suhn’s car.

July 9, 1943

Mr. and Mrs. Austin Connelly had open house to neighbors and friends July 2, celebrating their golden wedding anniversary. Austin Connelly and Delia Laccross were married in the Congregational parsonage July 2, 1893, in Ree Heights by Rev. Swartout. They were the first couple married in his ministry. With the exception of one year in Texas, they have spent in South Dakota, living 34 years in Spring Hill Township on the one farm.

It was recently announced that Leland Steele, who has been employed in the State House in Pierre for the past four or five years, has been appointed chief clerk in the new Motor Fuel and Motor Fuel Refunds division which, after July 1, became the new department of licensing.

New peas were on the Fourth of July menu and had been enjoyed by local gardeners for several days before the Fourth, but we have not heard of anyone here who had new potatoes as yet.

July 10, 1953

The Connelly’s observed their 60th wedding anniversary at a reception held in the Congregational Church July 5. Austin Connelly was born in 1869 in Kalamazoo, Mich., and Delia was born in 1873. Austin moved with his parents to “Siding No. 4,” later Ree Heights, in 1883, and Delia arrived in 1887 with her parents.

Friends and relatives were saddened Thursday evening by the sudden death of P.L. Prostrollo at his home in Howard, S.D. that evening. His sister, Mrs. Jack Struse, received word at 7:30.

Joyce Blake, Okinawa, writes her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Blake, that she has met a girl there from Blunt, whom she played baseball against in their high school days.

July 5, 1963

Charles Schock, oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schock of Ree Heights, suffered burns on his right side, leg, right arm, and deep burns on the fingertips of his right hand in a welding accident at his home southwest of Ree Heights about noon Wednesday. Charles had spilled a bucket of gas on his clothes earlier in the day. Later as he started to do some welding, a spark from the welder set his clothes afire.

The Leonard Fawcetts will be hosting the South Dakota Flying Farmers and Ranchers at their home Sunday, July 8. They will be having a potluck picnic for those attending from around the state.

Christine Hadeler and Helen Pietz showed wedding pictures of their grandmother and told of interesting events in her life, including a picture and story featured in Ripley’s “Believe It or Not.” In 1914, after the death of her first husband, she married Martin Meyer, celebrating her second silver anniversary in 1939.

July 6, 1973

Saturday, July 1 was one of those days when anything might happen, and by late afternoon, practically everything did. Threatening clouds, which gathered in the afternoon, took on an ominous appearance, especially when Hand County was included in a severe weather watch. The storm struck about 5:30, with a violent wind. Much damage was done in the Miller area.

At a 7:30 double ring ceremony in the Congregational Church in Ree Heights Sunday, June 24, Paula Poindexter, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Poindexter of Ree Heights, and Terry Spilde of Parkston, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Spilde of Estelline, were married.

July 7, 1983

Leona Engelmann brought her company over to the Buster Deuter home to see their museum last Monday. They were Mr. and Mrs. John Hodkins from O’Connor, Australia.

The Craig Aman family, Apple Valley, Minn., Mr. and Mrs. Garland Headrick and Ryan, Pierre, were weekend guests at the Don Deuter home. They attended the 10-year class reunion of Laura and Linda’s class in Miller Saturday night and Sunday.

Jack and Georgia Cook hosted a family reunion Sunday at the Cook Ranch for the Rombough-Stubbs families. They had a good crowd, despite the rainy day. Including Jack and Georgia, a total of 41 were present for the first Rombough-Stubbs reunion held.