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April 19, 1913

We received a card from Mrs. Allie Young Bates, saying her mother died April 5. Mr. and Mrs. E.A. Young came to Ree Heights in March of 1882, where for many years Mr. Young conducted a hardware store. Christmas 1890, the writer and family, with several others spent the day with the Youngs, and that night the fire fiend swept away their home, with others that met the same fate. Mr. Young and family went to Chicago, where they have made their home, except for a few winters spent in California, because of Mrs. Young’s health.


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Wencil Weisner was in from Ontario Township Thursday. He told of a newcomer in this neighborhood, a Polander, from Kewanee County, Wis., who purchased a half section of land in western Fairview Township, paying $55 per acre, in spot cash. The land is unimproved, except for 80 acres of land under cultivation. It is 15 miles from Orient and 20 miles from Ree Heights.

John Schmidt, of Glendale, was badly hurt in Miller Wednesday. An automobile frightened the team and he was thrown from the wagon. And then we wonder why the farmers hate the automobile!

April 20, 1923

The soda fountain at the drug store has opened up last week, and the small boy and the ice cream cones have already made friends.

The Ree Merc is beginning to receive their spring machinery and Roy Haefs and Pete Suhn are setting them up all ready for the field.

W.J. Biever of Ree Heights was in Highmore several days the past week in interest of the M.W.A. (Modern Woodman of America), of which he is now a district deputy. A considerable number of new members were secured, who joined the order Monday night.

April 21, 1933

The local pool hall is doing business under its new manager, Roy Haefs, who has leased the business and took possession last Monday. Mr. Haefs has leased the barbershop to R.L. Leach, who will continue to carry on his barber trade there.

Actual recruiting of unemployed young men started Wednesday, April 19, for Federal financed restoration projects in the Black Hills, Harney’s National Forest and other public lands in the Hills. The Army will pay $30 per month, of which $22 must be sent home, and will be furnished food, clothing, transportation and encampment. The enlistment is for six months per year and they must hold themselves for readiness within 24 hours.

The kittenball season is in full swing. Last Thursday the Terrible Wops defeated the Foamblowers 16-19 in an official game. Tuesday, the Oilers defeated the Woodpeckers officially.

April 23, 1943

Lieutenant J.G. Speirs and wife arrived Sunday afternoon from Pensacola, Fla., on a 10-day leave, for a visit with Lee’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Speirs, and other relatives and friends.

Mrs. Hugh McKelvey, local chairman for the Second War Bond drive, reported that she had obtained pledges for almost $6,000 of War Bonds. The quota for the town was $3,700.

Mrs. Wm. Jones of Deadwood, daughter of Mrs. Wm. Sherrill, also of Deadwood, arrived on the early morning train Monday and spent the day attending business matters and visiting friends here. She left Tuesday morning for South Carolina, to join her husband who is in the Armed Services.

April 24, 1953

Funeral services for Joseph Butler were held Thursday, April 16 in St. Ann’s Catholic Church. The Rev. Fr. Richard Gorman officiated. Joe was born at Ottawa, Ill., in 1872 and came with his parents to Hand County in 1884. He had been engaged in farming in Cedar Township during his entire life. Surviving are three brothers and two sisters.

Boy Scouts held a Court of Honor on April 16. Dale Fawcett received his first class and a number of merit badges. Larry Grogan and Douglas Steele were initiated as new members and are both Tenderfoot Scouts.

At a meeting of the church board held Wednesday evening, it was decided to paint the outside of the church.

April 19, 1963

The Ree Heights seniors and Mr. and Mrs. Karl Zaffke left for Minneapolis and other points of interest Sunday afternoon. While there, they will visit colleges that may interest seniors. They are expected back from their “skip day” about Tuesday.

Kenneth Steptoe of Ree Valley Grange presented a check to Jack Carlson, chairman of the Civic & Commerce swimming pool fund for $60. This amount was realized from the profits of a benefit basketball double-header held in March at Ree Heights between Ree Heights and St. Lawrence girls’ high school teams, and men’s game.

Sunday, April 28 there will be a dedication service for the new addition to the Ree Heights Church, which has just been finished.

April 20, 1973

Henry Seeley, former resident of Ree Heights and Miller, died April 3 after suffering a sudden heart attack at his home in Pueblo, Colo. He was 63 years of age. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Seeley, who lived in Miller many years ago. While in Ree Heights, he worked as a carpenter.

At the annual parent-member banquet held for the FFA members, Mike Sivertsen of Ree Heights was honored. One of the recipients of Special Awards was Dale Fawcett, who received the Honorary Chapter Farmer Degree.

April 21, 1983

The Men’s Town and Country will meet Monday, April 25 at 7 p.m. in the church basement. It is Ladies’ Night. The slide presentation of Fawcett’s trip to China will be open to the public at 8 p.m.

Robert DeGeest spent Friday and Saturday night with Ted Miedinger, Miller. He wrestled in the Free Style Tournament Saturday and took first in his class.

Saturday supper guests at the Casey Deuter home were Mr. and Mrs. Gerry Gardner, Pierre; Mr. and Mrs. Buster Deuter; and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Deuter and boys. They helped can beef.

Ruth Hoversten attended church at Carlton. They had a missionary from New Guinea, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Scholz. There was a morning and afternoon service and potluck lunch. They showed many interesting slides of New Guinea.