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Last Week

April 5, 1913

Mrs. E.P. Swartout arrived Thursday from Turton and her daughter, Mrs. Carr, Miller, came along to help get her settled. Mr. Swartout arrived the same afternoon with his car of goods and will be ready to conduct services at the church Sunday.

By order of Geo. P. Lindsay, R.C. Wareing and Robert Ramey, members of the town board, a new ordinance was drawn up, whereby the township board of Ree Heights passed the following ordinance: (1) Prohibiting any person or persons dumping or piling any manure or refuse within the platted town of Ree Heights. (2) That all premises within the town of Ree Heights shall be cleared of manure and refuse by June 1st of each year.

Miss Mary Stuart, principal of our high school, went to Woonsocket Friday evening to spend her week’s vacation at home.

April 6, 1923

The Parish boys, living southwest of town, have purchased a radio outfit, loud speaker and all, and have it installed in their home and are “listening everywhere.” A.W. Dale ordered and installed the instrument.

Cy Else has his new truck equipped with one of the late-model Standard Oil tanks and is all ready to take care of the spring rush, which he says is coming rapidly.

The city council at Miller has purchased the west 75 feet of the Dr. Wallis property, on which the new $25,000 auditorium will be erected.

April 7, 1933

Owners of automobiles that are three or more years old, who purchased their 1933 license plates before the new law reducing prices went into effect, can now go to the county treasurer’s office for refunds. The new law reduces the price on cars one-half that are three or more years old. Cars that are more than five years old, one-third.

Adam Moore, deputy sheriff, was in town Friday and Saturday of last week conducting the sale of Ree Merc property on Saturday. He also attached cute little red cards on automobiles bearing last year’s license plates, which plates are terribly out of style, according to Deputy Sheriff Moore.

The Farmers Union is putting a gas pump in front of the old Ree Merc building and plans on opening a cream buying and gas station there soon. Ronald Henson will be in charge.

April 9, 1943

Rev. William Jungensen of Badger will supply the Ree Heights and Cedar churches Sunday, April 11. Mr. Jurgensen comes as a possible candidate and it is hoped that a good attendance will be out to hear him.

Mrs. A.I. Nicholas left by train Wednesday evening for Pittsburg, Calif., where she will visit her daughters, Mrs. Amy Lewis and family and Mrs. Nadine Ness. She also expects to see her son, Wayne, who is a Navy Chaplain. She is expected home about June 1.

Ed Kost, son of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Kost, who received an honorable discharge from the Army, returned home this week from Camp Campbell, Ky., and will resume farming.

April 10, 1953

The local fire department has received shipment of its new radio equipment for the fire truck. Last we heard, it hasn’t been installed.

Hoyt Nicholas, Jr. called from Pierre this afternoon, having arrived there by plane from California. His mother drove to Pierre to get him. Hoyt is in the Navy and has been serving in Korean territory for the past year and a half.

Don Keck arrived home Wednesday night from Fort Leonard Wood, Mo. on a furlough before going overseas.

April 5, 1963

Tragedy struck two homes here Wednesday afternoon, when two Feist brothers, Sebastian and Nick, were killed in a head-on collision about 2 p.m., six miles east of Ree Heights on Highway 14. A third man, Jerome Brandner of St. Lawrence, area brand inspector, who was alone in his car, was critically injured and taken to the Miller hospital. Sebastian, an Oahe Dam worker, working nights for the past several years, is survived by his wife Gladys, and seven children. Nick Feist, temporarily laid off, is survived by his wife, Frances, and three children. Mrs. Delbert Parvin is a sister of the Feist brothers.

The Ree Heights Church choir and the little cherub choir and friends surprised Mrs. Ruth Gardner on her birthday March 21 after choir practice.

April 6, 1973

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Suhn, Jr. attended the Little International Stock Show in Brookings Saturday, March 27. Dale Suhn participated in the Little International. He placed first in beef fitting and first in steer showmanship.

Two contests have developed for office of Ree Heights Town at the annual election to be held Tuesday, April 10. Trustees for a three-year term are to be elected. John Iverson and Leland Sivertsen. Edward Moody is being opposed by Elsie Hancock for trustee for a one-year term. Unopposed for re-election are Francis Deuter, trustee for two-year term, and Barbara Bouren, clerk.

April 7, 1983

Kurt Hall and Karla Willman, Wessington Springs, were Friday supper guests ate the Seth Hall home. Kurt is now working for L.A. Larsen training race horses, and will go to Ft. Pierre this week and work at the track with the horses.

Loretta Suhn returned home last Monday from her extended vacation in Florida, Michigan, Texas, Minnesota and Yankton.

Stella Hammill attended a Postmaster Training Course in Mitchell Monday and Tuesday of last week.

April 12, 1913

V.V. Gardiner came up from Vayland Saturday on his motorcycle. Monday morning after it got to snowing, he was looking up the east bound freight train.

Prof. G.W. Courts was home from St. Lawrence for Sunday. The school building burned there Wednesday evening, but everybody got busy at once, with the result that on Monday of this week, rooms had been secured, desks and books gotten together, and school work resumed. A more convenient site for the schoolhouse has been secured and a special election will be called to vote bonds for the new structure. This speaks well for the people of St. Lawrence and also for Prof. Courts.

John Ruggenberg has chased a triple subsoiler, to be operated with his gasoline tractor. John is right on track. If the hardpan subsoil can be broken loose, so that the moisture can penetrate down two or three feet when the moisture comes, then crops can be raised here. Farmers just as well disk in their crops as to plow two or three inches deep.

A Sunday school has been organized in the Nicholas Schoolhouse, southeast of town. About 30 were present Sunday. We like this idea of getting together on Sunday afternoons to study the Bible. It makes for good in any community.

April 13, 1923

E.H. Aicher, county agent, states that Hand County is recognized as one of the leading livestock counties of South Dakota. It should not be necessary to ship cattle out of Hand County. They should be kept here and fed Hand County grown feeds, particularly corn and alfalfa. Hand County should be able to produce fat cattle cheaper than corn belt farmers.

Tuesday brought a little excitement in the shape of a prairie fire which spread over a section of John Lawler’s pasture and scorched a portion of Porter’s pasture. The fire spread from the land tenanted by Lige Molyneux, who meant to burn off a portion of his farming land, preparatory to seeding. Neighbors turned out in full force and the fire was soon controlled.

A.M. Gitchell is remodeling his restaurant building. He has put in two big windows in the front, and other improvements throughout the interior which greatly adds to its appearance.

April 14, 1933

Helen Paine, 12-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Paine and an eighth grade student of our local school, was given first-place in a Young Citizens League contest of this district, held in Miller April 8. She wrote and delivered an article entitled “The Significance of Our Flag.”

Eleanor Wareing arrived home Friday of last week from Minneapolis, where she is attending school, to spend her Easter vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H.H. Wareing.

About four inches of heavy, wet snow fell here Saturday night, making roads rather sloppy Sunday and Monday.

April 16, 1943

Cpt. Ernest Schock, son of M. Schock of Ree Heights, has been promoted to the rank of Sergeant at the Army Air Force Advance Flying School, Carlsbad, N.M.

Tom McGee is making preparations to move his cream room to the room adjoining the drygoods store on the north. The room had originally been used as a cream room, but in later years has served as a kitchen for the Struse Café, which recently discontinued business.

Lt. Morris Scott of Ellington Field, Texas, arrived Thursday night of last week for a visit with his mother, Mrs. Henry Scott, and other relatives. He expects to leave Friday morning, accompanied by his niece, Miss Catherine Suhn, who will return to Houston, Texas, where she is employed.

April 17, 1953

A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Fawcett at Memorial Hospital, as was a son born to Mr. and Mrs. Gottfried Reimann on the same day.

A good crowd attended the PTA talent show Tuesday evening in the auditorium. Fifteen numbers were on the program. First prize went to Alice Schock and Dennis Kleinsasser for a duet, second to Leanne Kelley and Gary Meyer for “Daoggie in the Window,” and third place to Dick Martinmaas with an accordion solo. Honorable mention went to the male quartet from Cedar, and Billy Kost for a piano solo.

April 12, 1963

At the regular meeting of the board of the Ree Heights Independent School District held Monday, the date for a $25,000 bond election was set for Tuesday, April 30.

Double funeral services were held at 10 a.m. Monday, April 8 from St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Highmore for Nicholas and Sebastian Feist, brothers who were killed in a two-car accident about six miles east of Ree Heights, en route to Miller.

Ree Heights welcomes Mr. and Mrs. Dean Calhoon and family of Lead to our town. Mr. Calhoon is the National Guard administrator of the Miller Unit.

April 13, 1973

Mrs. Joan Hull spent the weekend at Manhattan, Kan., visiting with relatives and friends. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Gray, met her there. While in Manhattan, she attended the college rodeo in which her cousin, Collette Graves, participated. Miss Graves is the World Champion Cowgirl.

Jim Deuter went to Brookings with the FFA Sunday. He is a member of the meat judging team.

April 14, 1983

Cora Vickery, Millford, Conn., has been visiting Ruth Gardner the past few days. She is a sister of Rev. Northrop, who was minister here some time ago. She is on the way to visit him in Kansas.

Casey Deuter was a participant in the volleyball tournament at St. Lawrence Thursday evening. Their team won.

Mr. and Mrs. Newton Semmler, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Bouren, Mr. and Mrs. Delton Beck, Mr. and Mrs. Buster Deuter and Mr. and Mrs. Leland Sivertsen attended the District 5 supper and meeting of the S.D. Municipal League in Highmore Wednesday evening.

Georgia Cook attended the 5th District Democratic Legislative Meeting in Highmore last week. Georgia is the outgoing chairman and Phil Testerman, Wessington, will be the new chairman.

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