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Posted March 19, 2013 at 4:56 pm

March 15, 1913

Hon. J.R. Speirs came in Saturday evening from Pierre, where he spent a busy 60 days as Representative from Hand County in the 13th Legislature. Mr. Speirs showed his good sense and judgment by attending every meeting and attending strictly to business.

Charles W. Gardner arrived home from Pierre where he has been holding down the job of bill clerk in the House of Representatives during the recent session. He resumed his duties Monday in the First State Bank.

The Review man is pleased to note that our article on dams and keeping water in the country is being copied by many papers in this section. It looks to the writer who has been in this part of the county for 30 years, as if the building of dams and headwaters of the little creeks and draws, is the only way to keep water in the prairie country. Our farmers can begin this work in a small way right on their own farms.

March 16, 1923

The banquet served by the domestic science class to the school board was a success in every way. The four-course dinner was served by Marie Connelly, Clara Ruggenberg, Thelma Waring and Mamie Wiren. Hazel Ewing attended at the Victrola with several classic numbers during the evening.

Henry Kusser has been busy doing the work at the two Werdel places this past week besides his own. The Werdel families are “down and out” with the grippe. It has kept him busy running the three places, but he is a hustler.

March 17, 1933

After a nine-day moratorium, the banks all over the country are opening for business as usual. The Federal Reserve Banks opened Monday morning and other clearing house banks on Tuesday, and other smaller banks on Wednesday and Thursday, just as fast as they can be inspected and passed upon by the Department of the Treasury.

At a taxpayers’ meeting at the schoolhouse last Saturday night, it was voted that a general cut in the high school teachers’ salaries be made.

The Prohibition Modification Bill passed the House of Representatives and is now in the hands of the Senate. It was brought up on the recommendation of President Roosevelt on the grounds that the revenue that it would bring in would be a great help on budgeting the Federal budget.

March 19, 1943

During the past few days this country has been held in the grips of a bit of severe winter weather. Starting Monday morning, heavy mist fell, coating everything with a thin layer of ice. This was followed by a light snowfall driven before strong northeast wind. The wind continued until Wednesday night. During most of the first three days of the week, the temperature ranged from a few points below zero at night to 10 or 12 above during the day.

The 4-H club met with Leone Voelker Thursday evening. Several new members came, namely Bethene and Maxine Deuter and Betty and Bernice Steele. It was decided not to serve lunches at the meetings in the future. A demonstration was given on the care of shoes by Leone Voelker and Alice Jean Scott. The next meeting will be held at the Lois Paine home and a party is planned.

A moving crew from Eureka is moving the buildings from the Ben Crawford place. The small building from the Haverstock farm has been moved to the George Fawcett home. The Frank Moody family will move on the Perry place and work for the Fawcett Brothers.

March 20, 1953

Cpt. Joyce Blake, who has been stationed at Camp Breckenridge, Ky. arrived home Sunday for a seven-day furlough with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Blake, and other relatives before leaving for Japan.

The American Legion Auxiliary met at the home of Mrs. Harriet Struse Tuesday evening. The members voted to give five dollars to the Red Cross and five dollars to the Boy Scouts. The winning essay was read by Kay Kelly and a dollar was presented to her.

Mrs. Kenneth Harvey and daughter, Connie, suffered painful burns at the café Saturday forenoon when a pot of coffee vibrated from its stand and spilled on them. Roland Twamley, Highway Patrolman, happened to be present and took them to Miller for treatment.

March 15, 1963

Voters of the Ree Heights Independent School District, by a margin of only five votes, turned down the question of closing their high school for the 1963-64 term. There were 120 registered at the polls on election day, with 56 favoring the closing, 61 voting to keep the high school operating another year, and three were declared spoiled ballots.

Miss Helen Deuter and George A. McKay were united in marriage Saturday, Feb. 23 at St. Ann’s Catholic Church. The Rev. Fr. Dudek officiated at the double ring ceremony at 10 o’clock in the presence of their immediate families.

Warren Beck, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Beck, Ree Heights, has been selected as Ree Heights’ Boys’ Stater on the basis of his academic rating. James Iverson was named alternate. Sharon Bouren was named the Ree Heights’ Girls’ Stater for the same reasons and Judy Cahoon was named an alternate.

March 16, 1973

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne McGee and Mr. and Mrs. Wayne White returned Saturday from a nine-day trip to Spain. While there, they stayed at Torremalinos. They also visited other places of interest.

The Cedar Women’s Fellowship had a field trip to Huron Thursday to tour the building that the State Church Offices are housed in. This is to be their March meeting. There is to be a workshop at the Frank Novotny home Friday evening.

Miss Roxanne Buchholz spent Saturday evening visiting with her great-grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kusser.

March 18, 1983

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Hall were guests at the Robert Willman home at Wessington Springs Saturday evening. Karla Willman, Mitchell Vo-Tech, and Kurt Hall were also guests.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schock, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Pietz and Mrs. Bill Rodman were Friday callers at the Tom Hasart home. The ladies tied the Fellowship Quilt and the men enjoyed cards.

The PTO will be having their Mother-Daughter Salad Supper on Monday, March 21 at 7 p.m. in the school gym. It will be followed by a style show from the Clothes Garden in Miller.

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