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December 21, 1912

Continuation of story…Now it chanced that Cy has been “out west” some, too, and flatly refused to be managed or to desist from his little shunt at photography, so in defiance of the gun in the holster, he took a snapshot as best he could, then hastening to get his own rifle, he climbed in the buggy with John Gibson and went after the “bad men from Montana.” They passed the slow-moving burros and hastened on to the Courts’ place, where Cy hid behind a barrel, determined to get his good picture. This time he was rewarded, for as the burro came within range, Cy “riz” and the deed was done. The old man’s ire “riz” also at this unexpected move and his rage was great. Back he hiked to Ree Heights. After pawing the air and striving all afternoon to get our Justice of the Peace to issue a warrant for Cy’s apprehension, he tumbled to the fact that nobody is ever pulled in Ree Heights, so he bottled up his wrath and on Monday went on to Miller, where he spent the afternoon running from one lawyer to another trying to get a warrant for Cy. Last we heard, the “Wild West Show” had gone on east, and Cy has his picture…the sequel Wednesday morning, the news reached the Review that a young man stopped in Ree Heights overnight, knew the Burgess’ well, and says they live west of Pierre some distance, and that is the starting point of their “trip across the continent.”


:kcaB gnikooL

Tuesday of this week, 3,500 pounds of dressed poultry was billed out of Ree Heights, bound for Chicago, besides 700 lbs. left behind. The train conductor said the Ree Heights shipment was more than double that of Highmore.

Ree Heights needs a doctor, and also a man to run a meat market.

December 22, 1922

Art Dale has been getting some very interesting places all over the U.S. with his radio this winter. On the 23rd, he listened in on the speech of George Clemenceau, the Tiger of France, made in St. Louis just before boarding the steamer for home.

Miss Gladys Watkins visited the Lingscheit children Tuesday evening. There is nothing the children like better than to entertain their teacher. It’s an assured fact Miss Watkins enjoyed riding the runners of the bob sleigh after spending three winters in Texas.

Sunday was the coldest day we’ve had all winter, according to B.S. Bell’s thermometer, which registered 16 below zero, and is taken as one of the most correct in this community.

December 23, 1932

Leland Steele and his Syncopators made their first public appearance at H.W. Gardner’s All Time Dance last Friday night. They showed plenty of pep and rhythm and promise to be a most entertaining orchestra.

Perry Struse, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Struse, celebrated his fifth birthday December 17, by entertaining 10 of his little friends at a birthday party.

December 25, 1942

Mrs. Henry Scott received word of the death of Dr. Hurd of Northwood, Iowa on November 9, 1942. Dr. Hurd practiced here in 1884 and his wife was a pioneer schoolteacher in this community.

Robert Hunter, Wilmont, S.D., is making plans to operate his car regardless of the gas rationing program. Fact is, he has already applied for the license for this vehicle and no doubt expects to commence operations immediately. No, he has no B or C rationing card, and believe it or not, no A card. How come he can operate? Well, Robert’s car is a 1902 Stanley Steamer, 2-cylinder, 6-horse power. He expects to stay well within the 35-miles-per-hour limit.

Mr. and Mrs. August Hadeler received a cablegram Saturday morning from their son, Louis, who is somewhere in the British Isles.

December 19, 1952

The Congregational Church, decorated with pine boughs and Christmas candles, was the setting with the choir, under the direction of Mrs. H.H. Gardner, accompanist, presented the beautiful Christmas cantata, “The Choir of Christmas.”

Spring Hill students had a pre-Christmas vacation Monday to enable their teacher, Mrs. Ada Hall, to see her son, Donald, off to start his stretch in the Army Air Corps.

December 21, 1962

A capacity crowd enjoyed the grade school Christmas program at the school. It was a good program and was well executed by the several grades.

Miss Dot Deuter was honored at a pre-nuptial shower at the Wayne McGee residence Friday evening, Dec. 14. She is to be married January 2 to Alan Hanson.

Santa Claus will make his annual visit to the Ree Heights business district to distribute treats to the children Friday afternoon, Dec. 21, at 3:30 p.m.

December 22, 1972

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Schock and Charles attended the Christmas program at the Miller Methodist Church Sunday. Their grandchildren, Michael and Kelley Hasart, were participants.

The Prairie Center Home Christmas party drew a large crowd of people, with several from the surrounding area. Among those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Orville Hill and Bill Nolz.

December 24, 1982

An open house was held Sunday, Dec. 19 at the Miller Manor for Josephine Sisk’s 80th birthday. Nicolle Bouren registered the guests, Sandi and Vicki Bouren were at the punch bowl, and Ellen Koc, Milbank, Joan Sisk, Pierre, and Mary Alice Vaughn poured coffee.

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hanson and Debbie went to Huron Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Speirs to a Christmas square dance. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Blair and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Konrad also went to the dance with the Bob Hensons.

Saturday night, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rodman and Louise Ferrell were at the Joe Lingscheit home for the Cedar Extension Club Christmas party.

December 24, 1992

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Hall and Kurt went to Steen, Minn. on Saturday and visited with Mrs. Ernest Hall and family, returning home Sunday.

Mrs. Eldon Bouren was a Saturday supper guest at the Carl Sisk home in Miller while the girls attended the wrestling matches.

Word at the Clarence Kupers is that their son-in-law got out of the Denver hospital on Monday, had a checkup on Wednesday and he and Mavis went to Las Vegas for a visit.