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November 2, 1912

Andrew Ralstad arrived home Friday from New England, N.D., where he has been threshing. He says the crops were fine, and that wages were $3.00 and $3.50 per day, but the wet weather laid the men off about half the time. He will go to Hazel soon to pick corn.

Charles W. Gardner, who has been working in the Orient Bank for the past year, has accepted a position as assistant cashier in the First State Bank of Ree Heights, and began his duties here Monday.

The New England Supper was the event of the season. People came from Miller, from the north and from the south, and the way the grub disappeared wasn’t slow. The supper was fine and certainly a credit to the Ladies’ Aid Society of Ree Heights…It was a great crowd and a successful supper, the ladies cleaning up about $73. (*Take note all they charged at that time was 25 cents a plate for the adults.)

November 3, 1922

David A. Erwin of Bates Township is the candidate for State Representative-he has been a resident of Hand County since ’83. In 1919 he was a member of the legislature and has a record to be proud of. He made quite an issue of the fact that each legislator reached in the State Kitty and took out $200 for serving, which did not constitutionally belong to them. He got passed in to law that each legislator have a term of two years and receive for their services the sum of five dollars per day for attending the session, and 10 cents per each mile of necessary travel.

Richard and Reuben Bawdon left last Friday for Brookings to take the winter short course at the State College. The Review will visit them each week.

Halloween was celebrated about town with the usual boy pranks and one could hardly recognize Main Street the next morning. The older boys enjoyed the scene and many times during the day we heard the remark, “‘Member when we ______?” The boys were pretty good, however, as no real meanness was done.

November 4, 1932

A two-inch blanket of snow accompanied by below-freezing weather brought the first real touch of winter to this territory. According to the radio and newspapers, the snow and cold was general over the state Sunday.

Donald Braden and George Hertz, Jr. are staying in town now to attend high school. Donald stays at the John Speirs home and George at the Rev. Meckel home. Prior to this time they have been driving in each day.

Political candidates are numerous in town these days before election. They are urging that everyone turn out next Tuesday and cast a ballot, and the Review joins with them in this request. At no time in history has our country needed more the combined interests of its people at the polls.

November 6, 1942

The deer hunters, Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Cowan, Gayle Cowan and C.W. Steers returned home Wednesday night with a cargo of five deer and one coyote. Carl Speirs either shot or scared the coyote dead on the way home. The extra deer was bagged by George Voelker, who hunted with them and sent most of the deer home to his mother and grandparents.

Word has been received here that Harry W. Gardner accepted the position of superintendent of schools at Quinn the first of October. The family will remain at Lead. His mother, Mrs. Anna Gardner, who is with them, writes that she is somewhat improved.

Second Lt. T.A. Burge arrived home Monday on a short leave from Quantico, Va., where he has been training in Marine Officers training. He is being transferred to Florida.

November 7, 1952

Roger P. Nicholas, son of Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt E. Nicholas of Ree Heights, is completing his Air Force basic training course at Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas. Roger graduated from Ree Heights High School with the class of ’51.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Harvey ceased to operate the Squeeze Inn Café Saturday night and turned it over to Mrs. Harvey’s brother, Jake Eilts, who assumed operation Sunday morning, assisted by his grandmother, Mrs. Mina Eilts.

Mrs. Peter Werdel, who has been a polio patient in St. John’s Hospital at Huron, was released last Saturday.

November 2, 1962

At the regular meeting of the PTA Monday evening, the finance committee reported that a new coffee maker had been purchased to facilitate the serving of coffee to Huron College classes on Tuesday evenings. The members who will be unable to take a turn at serving Tuesday evenings are asked to bring homemade cookies to Mrs. Francis Deuter to be kept in the freezer until needed.

Baskets of yellow and gold dahlias and marigolds graced the altar at St. Ann Catholic Church for the marriage of Miss Carole Simons and Delton Beck. The Rev. Fr. Ladislaus Dudek officiated at the double-ring ceremony at 1:30 Saturday, Oct. 13.

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Carman have received word of the birth of their first grandchild, a son born to Mr. and Mrs. Terry Lockner at St. Mary’s Hospital in Pierre on October 24. The Lockners are in the process of moving to Pierre from Belle Fourche, where Terry is employed with the U.S. Geological Survey.

November 3, 1972

Funeral services were held Tuesday morning at the United Church of Faulkton for William Burrell, who died in Oahe Manor, Gettysburg. Burial was in the G.A.R. Cemetery, Miller. Burrell was born March 23, 1889 in Ree Heights, and was reared in that community. His parents were pioneer residents of the Ree Heights area, who had come to the U.S. from Scotland. (*Note: The original Ree Heights Congregational Church and the first schoolhouse (1883) were built by the father of William Burrell.)

Reinata Engelmann and her weekend guests, Liz Van Zee, Jane Novotny, Jennie Nicholas, Susie Deuter, Rose Hancock and Robin Cable participated in the Hunger Walk for CROP on Saturday.

Wilbur Lingscheit received an award for champion heifer calf at the calf show and sale held last Saturday. Robert Duxbury presented the trophies.

November 5, 1982

Eldon Bouren and Don Deuter left Saturday for the Hills to hunt deer. Barb and girls went to Huron Saturday and had supper at the Carl Sisk home. Holly Beck accompanied them.

Loretta Suhn spent the past week with her daughter and family, the Jerry Laws at Yankton. The Laws’ two-year-old son had kidney surgery.

Mr. and Mrs. Delton Beck attended Parents’ Night at the basketball game Thursday evening, and the 4-H banquet Saturday evening. Matthew Semmler accompanied them to the 4-H banquet.

November 6, 1992

Rusty, Anita, Zachary and Kristi Schmidt, Grissom, Ind., left Sunday afternoon for their home following a week’s stay with Delton and Carole Beck. Visitors while they were there included Terri Henson; Barb Bouren; Sandi Hall, Clayton, Cody and Colton, Polo; and Vicki Oligmueller, Miller.

The Ree Heights Community Club met October 22 with Helen Pietz. Everyone was supposed to be dressed for Halloween, but because of the warm temperatures, costumes weren’t worn for long. Most perfectly dressed was Lillian Schock, who wore a witch costume. A quilt was waiting on the frames, so the girls went immediately to work. It was all tied by 3 p.m., so the business meeting was brought to order.

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