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Posted November 27, 2012 at 6:52 pm

November 23, 1912

In the Highmore Herald appears a report of the alleged trouble over the recent election in Ree Heights Precinct. There is not one word of truth in any of it. The ballot box was not taken from the polls at noon, nor did the judges at any time lock the door or order it so, nor was there at any time any reason why anyone could not enter the polls during the day or during the counting of the votes. We are ready to publish a sworn affidavit from the judges, if necessary. We hope that Bro. Perkins will correct the report in his next issue.


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In our write-up of poultry fanciers last week, we left out two, Bob Wareing and Eddie Suhn. It was entirely unintentional on our part. Bob says that Frank Gardner, Jim Gage and the rest of the bunch make all the noise, but he gets the eggs. He claims he gets a dozen every day. He keeps the White Leghorns, the egg machines.

W.J. Biever returned last Thursday night, from Woodstock, Minn., bringing his three wolfhounds.

November 24, 1922

The case of William Cody vs. Ontario Township was tried before Justice Meigs Monday, wherein Cody asked for damages sustained when he ran a Ford car into a ditch. The case was tried by jury composed of H. McKelvey, H. Waring, J. Myers, William Beaver, Jim Wenrich and H. Scott. The jury was out from 6 p.m. to 9:30 a.m. the following morning, and being unable to reach a decision, were discharged. The case will come up for hearing again on the 27th.

Agent Goth informs us that official notice has been given that the two daylight passengers, which were taken off during the recent railroad strike, will resume their regular run Saturday. No. 517, going west, will make its first trip Saturday and No. 516 will go through the first time Sunday. From then on the regular runs will be made daily.

Knowing that our school building was not fireproof, Mr. Bryant installed a fire gong. It sounded for the first time last Thursday morning for fire drill. The building was emptied of its 134 pupils in less than one minute. We think that is pretty good speed for the first drill, when extra care was taken to prevent confusion and possible accidents.

November 25, 1932

Instead of using a broom straw to test cake, you will find toothpicks more satisfactory, cleaner and cheaper.

South Dakota carried the presidential candidate, Franklin D. Roosevelt, by 84,800 votes for him and 54,943 for Hoover and Smith.

Word has been received here that the artificial lake on Wolf Creek, eight miles north of Ree Heights, has been completed. The lake will cover about 200 acres and will be a valuable improvement to this section of the country. There has been some talk of making it a game reserve but we haven’t been informed what has been done as to that.

November 27, 1942

Miss Reinata Hasart became the bride of William Warnke at a ceremony performed in Carson City, Nev., on Tuesday, Nov. 10. The Rev. John Harvey, minister of the Presbyterian Church, presided. The bride wore a tailored suit of Victory Blue with brown accessories and a corsage bouquet of gardenias and split carnations. Mrs. Warnke is the youngest daughter of Mr. Gottlieb Hasart of Lodi, Calif., and is employed at the Mode-O-Day frock shop in Lodi. She attended school in Ree Heights. The bridegroom is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Warnke and is engaged in farming. After a short honeymoon in the Reno and Sierra mountain region, the couple will reside in Lodi.

Carl Speirs is spending a few days in Marshall, Minn., visiting George Ice and looking into possibilities of helping George out as an aviation instructor.

Fort Knox, Ky: Fitting himself for shop practice afield, Ambrose F. Lawler, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Lawler, has reported to the Armored Force School Wheeled Vehicle Department, upon orders of Lt. Gen. Jacob L. Devers, Chief of the Armored Force. Its Wheeled Vehicle Department turns out experts capable of repairing in fast-moving combat such vehicles as the tiny “peens,” sturdy “jeeps,” and armored scout cars of the Armored Force.

November 28, 1952

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Menning returned home Sunday night from Elbertson, Wash., where they had been called by the illness and death of Henry’s mother, Mrs. Simon Menning, who passed away Wednesday, Nov. 19.

Six from Hand-Hyde take Draft Call for physicals: November 14, five from Hand and one from Hyde reported for their physical. They are: Wayne Eugene Rediger and James Lloyd Weaver, Miller; Robert Russell Wharton and Lloyd Isador Beaner, St. Lawrence; Don Joseph Heasley, Ree Heights; and John Hoff Weaver, Highmore.

David Paine and son, Lynn, of Bryant, spent Saturday night with Dave’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Paine. Lynn got a calf from his Granddad Paine to feed as his 4-H project for the coming year.

November 23, 1962

The ladies of the Congregational Church will serve lunch at the J.E. Meyer farm sale Tuesday, Nov. 27, and anyone wishing to do so may donate food for the project. Proceeds from the lunches will be used to help purchase a furnace for the addition of the church.

Hearty congratulations to Mrs. Aaron Ellsworth, a member of the local Ree Valley Grange, who placed second in her division in the National Grange Baking Contest. She won a freezer as a prize.

At the regular meeting of the Women’s Fellowship Thursday afternoon at the Congregational Church, Mrs. Hoyt Nicholas, Jr., was in charge of a program on social action. The ladies present signed a petition asking the town board to investigate the ease with which minors in the community can obtain beer and cigarettes.

November 24, 1972

George Engelmann, Ree Heights, was named the winner of the 1972 Soil and Moisture Achievement contest from the Hand County Conservation District, and received a scholarship award to the annual Soil and Moisture Clinic held at SDSU. The clinic was held from Sunday through Wednesday this week.

Many service awards were given to the 600 4-H club members, parents and leaders attending the annual banquet held Saturday evening, at which time the awards were presented. Many of the people from Ree Heights received awards for various things, among them were Sandy Sivertsen, Kim Fawcett, Laura Heasley, Randy Fawcett, Candi Fawcett, Julie Novotny, Marlene Hasart, Janice Sivertsen, Jane Novotny, Peg Fawcett, Janis Crackel, Robin Fawcett, Susanne Fawcett, Dawn Fawcett, Judy Blaseg, Brian Hines, Peggy Fawcett, Dennis Fawcett. Graduating members were Mary Henson, Rod Hines, Lonny Parmely, Julie Novotny and Kathy Suhn.

November 26, 1982

Lake Campbell Lutheran Church, Volga, was the setting November 12 when Eleanor Sween, Watertown, became the bride of James Iverson. Pastor Erwin Brandt, Sinai, officiated at the evening ceremony. Parents of the couple are Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Sween, Volga, and Mr. and Mrs. John Iverson, Ree Heights. The bride was attended by her sister as maid of honor, and bridesmaid was Jane Leite, Watertown. The groom was attended by Mike Cook, Ree Heights, as best man, and groomsman was Casey Deuter, Ree Heights.

Georgia Cook took a birthday cake to Lucy Rombough in Miller Friday for her 89th birthday. Other guests were Marion Borah and Margaret McGillvrey, Wessington.

Gary Engelmann and David Fremark were home from SDSU at Brookings for Veterans’ Day, and a weekend of hunting geese at the river with other family enthusiasts, and antelope near Bison. Lori Fremark and Rene Engelmann, Aberdeen, were also home for the weekend.

November 27, 1992

We had sleet mixed with rain Thursday that made one think that it was probably spring or summer. But it was also to the blizzard stage at times.

We are anxiously waiting to see if our fine, feathered friend is going to make a weekly visit to the uptown area, as he has the past two weeks. Our friend is a pheasant that has been taking a stroll through Main Street during the middle of the day. There is no fear in this bird.

All businesses except the pool hall were closed Wednesday, Nov. 11, in observance of Veterans’ Day.