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Posted November 20, 2012 at 5:09 pm

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November 9, 1912

Landslide for Woodrow Wilson…Indications are the Woodrow Wilson, Democratic candidate for president, has swept the country in one of the most sweeping victories ever known in the history of the United States. The latest reports available give Wilson from 300 to 390 electoral votes. The Democrats seem to have swept the boards almost clean and elected their presidential candidate by a phenomenal plurality. Roosevelt is said to have carried Pennsylvania, Illinois, Michigan, Iowa, South Dakota and Washington. President Taft is credited with Utah, Vermont and possibly one or two more states, a total of 16 electoral votes. It is likely that when the full returns are in these figures may be changed somewhat, but the fact is undisputable that the Republicans have received one of the worst defeats in history.

About 50 people assembled Saturday night at the Opera House to attend the Democratic rally. The Ree Heights Cornet Band rendered a few selections and then W.T. Maxwell introduced Hon. John M. King of St. Lawrence, candidate for representative. Mr. King is pretty spry for his age, and entertained the audience with a story of Sherman’s famous march to the sea, in which he participated.

November 10, 1922

The school news report that the first-year domestic science class is making Christmas presents this week—three weeks will be devoted to this work. The boys of the first year manual training class have made a success of their footstools, which have been quite difficult.

“An Awakening”- I’m like an animal in captivity, Within the schoolhouse walls, Yearning for the out-of-doors, and for Mother Nature who calls. Calling me to mountain streams, to valleys and clear skies. Telling me of birds and flowers, to me it’s paradise. Then drifting back I find myself, As here in the assembly I sit. “Oh, hang it all,” there goes the bell, and I have some Latin to get.

W.H. McMaster was re-elected governor of this state by a majority of 26,000.

John Koc, John Rychtarik, Mr. Blaseg and Jim Beranek made trips to Ree Heights last week for lumber for the new Catholic Church they are building in Como.

November 11, 1932

In a Democratic landslide that swept the nation like a hurricane, Hoover went down to the most spectacular defeat ever experienced by a Republican candidate for the presidency of the United States. F.D. Roosevelt, carried his home state of New York, as well as the President’s home state of Iowa and residential state of California. Roosevelt was elected as shown by incomplete returns, with a possible electoral vote of 472, and the returns indicate he will be supported by a Democratic Congress.

Tom Berry, West River rancher, will succeed Warren Green in the office of Governor of the State of South Dakota. Berry is South Dakota’s third Democratic governor.

The Auxiliary reports that a gift to the library this past week, which the public will appreciate, is “The Good Earth” by Pearl S. Buck. One of the most read books of the time, although a Chinese story, it portrays life as it exists everywhere.

November 13, 1942

James Lowell Hinesk, 24, Seaman Second Class, of Ree Heights, and son of Mrs. Clara Hines, Portland, Ore., formerly of Ree Heights, has completed basic training at the Submarine School, Submarine Base, New London, Ct., for duty with our growing fleet of undersea fighters. Seaman Hines will be entitled to wear the twin dolphin insignia of the submarine service. The insignia is regarded as a mark of distinction throughout the Navy.

Lieutenant Ted Burge left Monday morning for Dunisen, Fla., for further training, after spending a week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Burge.

November 14, 1952

Douglas Scott received word from his daughter, Margaret Exon, that she and the boys arrived in Japan October 23, having made the trip from Seattle in 12 days on U.S. Naval Ship General Hugh J. Gaffey, a P-2 Navy transport.

A large crowd attended the school carnival last Friday night. Gross receipts were $646.37, and the net about $500. Starting off Homecoming was a basketball game between the team from Roslyn and the local team, with the visitors being victorious.

Another week of dry conditions has made it necessary for the valley ranchers to keep their cattle on the move. Approximately 325 cows have left the valley to be put on shares with ranchers who have enough feed and range for them.

November 9, 1962

The Young Mothers Sunday school class is making a collection of new and used baby blankets for Lebanon, as a Thanksgiving project.

Mrs. Aaron Ellsworth won first place in the Regional National Grange baking contest, co-sponsored by Brer Rabbit Molasses and Fleishman’s Yeast. A lemon lush party cake, an original recipe, competed with first place state winners from five other states. Besides winning an RCA Whirlpool range, she has won a free trip to the National Grange Convention in Ft. Wayne, Ind., where she will compete in the final bake-off contest.

November 10, 1972

Pleasant weather, a keen interest in the issues involved, brought out a record vote of Hand County voters for the general election Tuesday. Of a total of 3,793 registered voters in the county, 3,151 went to the polls. While voters of the county followed the state and national trends and gave their largest majority to President Nixon, variations developed in results of gubernatorial and constitutional offices. In voting for the president, county voters gave Nixon 1,806 votes, while 1,307 went to George McGovern.

Joe A. Knippling, Gann Valley, was one of seven men honored October 26 at Billings, Mont., by the International Livestock Expedition by elevating him to the NILE Hall of Fame. Knippling was the only one from South Dakota.

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Davis and Monica and Rhonda Davis of Miller spent the weekend in Spearfish. They went to watch the BHSC football game that day. Doyle Davis is a member of the team.

November 12, 1982

Mr. and Mrs. Delmar Fawcett were in Rapid City for the performance of All-State Chorus, in which their son Brian participated as one of the students chosen from Miller High School.

Hazel Bouren and Darlene Campbell left for Brookings Friday, where Darlene visited her daughter. Hazel Bouren’s sister, Viola Knutson, Canby, met them and took Hazel back with her.

November 13, 1992

Our first snowfall that stayed came with a real fine mist of rain or snow that is still falling. The snow on the streets is melting, but the grass has a good coat of white about two inches deep.

A flag burning ceremony will be at the Ree Heights School November 10 at 9 a.m. Anyone having an old flag they would like to dispose of properly may take it to the school.