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October 26, 1912

Some of our citizens of Riverside Township had their curiosity aroused Monday when something was seen moving slowly across the prairie. Some thought it might be some of the candidates out hunting for votes; others wondered if it could be that new buggy, but a little closer observation revealed that August Hadeler, Dee Shreffler and N.T. Hickcox had hitches on to the old Bussell schoolhouse and were taking a ride in it over to the Center School. So now the old relic is corralled in the center of the township.

Nineteen of the members of the St. Lawrence High School came up on the noon train Saturday to spend the afternoon with their teacher, Prof. G.W. Courts, at his home a mile east of town. The professor has a large collection of stuffed animals and birds and the young folks were very pleasantly entertained. A trip to the Ree Hills had been planned, but had to be given up on account of the high wind.

During the convention of Congregational ministers at Lake Preston, Mrs. O’Neill of this city was ordained as a minister of the gospel, having successfully passed the examination necessary therefore.

October 27, 1922

On Thursday of last week, the first-year Domestic Science class served breakfast at 5 in the afternoon. Mrs. M.W. Meigs was the invited guest. Irma Watkins acted as host, Marie Connely acted as hostess, Grace Steadman and Bessie Beranek as waitresses and Josephine Blaseg as head cook. The remainder of the class acted as guests, although all helped in the preparation of the food. The menu was: grapefruit, Petit Johns Rolled Wheat with Dates, cream beef on toast and hot chocolate. After each unit of work, a meal will be served.

Peter Namanny was the victim of a very serious accident last Saturday when he had the misfortune of getting his hand caught in a corn picker. He was unable to get his hand loosened for more than an hour, until his helper could reach a phone and summon Bob Wareing, who hurried out to release him. He was rushed to the Miller hospital where it was found that no bones were broken, but flesh had been badly torn away from the bones.

Sunday, Nov. 5 will be Cradle Roll Promotion Day at the Cedar Sunday school. The graduates are Nellie Lobban, Joseph Lingscheit and Alfred Beck. All members of the cradle roll are requested to be present.

October 28, 1932

Mr. and Mrs. Hans Ehlers and his father, who formerly resided near here, are spending a few days with friends here. Mr. Ehlers now resides in Iowa and Hans is an engineer in the U.S. Navy and has just completed a four-year term of enlistment. They expect to leave for Nebraska Monday, where they will visit other friends and relatives.

“Berry Talks in Miller”…In his talk at Miller this week, Tom Berry, Democratic nominee for governor, charged Gladys Pyle, secretary of the State Securities Commission, with trading her primary vote for a job, for which he claims she was not qualified. Berry said he was not against investigating the banking department, but that he did not approve of appropriating 84 or $20,000 for the purpose when it should be handled without extra cost by the attorney general.

Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Paddleford returned this week from a trip to Nebraska in the vicinity of Omaha and Lincoln. Mr. Paddleford reports conditions looking good in that territory.

October 30, 1942

Tuesday evening, the members and friends of the church and the Young People’s Society, held a farewell party at the church for Rev. Northrop, who left Wednesday afternoon for Centerville, where he will be pastor of the Federated Church there, after serving the Ree Heights and Cedar churches for the past three years. Carl Speirs presented a gift of a bathrobe to Mr. Northrop on behalf of the members and friends who regret to see him leave our community.

Word has been received that Miss Thelma Fawcett has won recognition in a state 4-H contest. Thelma entered an essay entitled, “My Job for Victory,” in a contest sponsored by the International Harvester Company at Chicago, Ill. She received word this week that her essay was one of six chosen to be sent to Chicago. Her reward was a $25 War Bond.

George Frank Koc was one of the men from Hand County who was called to report for induction on November 6.

October 31, 1952

Notice: It would be appreciated if the young gentlemen in the maroon car who upset the toilet at the depot around 8:45 on October 29 would come back and set it up again. R.A. Schneiderwind, Agt.

Mr. and Mrs. Jess Beck and Mr. and Mrs. Kleinsasser attended the ordination service for Douglas Barrows on Wednesday evening at the Wheaton Congregational Church.

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Peterka were called here by the serious illness of Emerson’s mother, Mrs. Joe Peterka, who is in Memorial Hospital in Miller. Mrs. Emerson Peterka is helping care for her.

October 26, 1962

A group of friends were hostesses at a wedding shower Tuesday evening in the church basement, honoring Mrs. Delton Beck, a recent bride. She received many useful and pretty gifts. The hostesses served refreshments.

Roy Hammill, Ree Heights, was elected to the office of Associate Grand Patron at the 74th annual session of Grand Chapter, held October 9, 10 and 11 in Rapid City. During the 1961 session of Grand Chapter, Hammill was elected to serve as Grand Sentinel, and in previous years he has served on numerous Grand Chapter committees.

Dennis McGee and Cheryl White, seniors, were crowned king and queen of the Ree Heights High School student body at coronation ceremonies held at the school Friday evening. Their attendants were Patricia Schock and Wilbur Hasart, seniors; Judy Cahoon and James Iverson, juniors; Barbara Suhn and Ralph Schnidewind, sophomores; and Leola Fox and Ronny Kelly, freshmen. Jeffery Derryberry and Beverly Steptoe represented the grade students as prince and princess.

October 27, 1972

Anyone for skating? Francis Buster Deuter spent Sunday preparing an area east of the schoolhouse to be used as a skating rink, that everyone will be able to enjoy this winter. Mr. John Iverson furnished the land. A great deal of work and planning has gone into this, and the town board and Mr. Iverson deserves a big thank you.

Casey Deuter, Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., was able to spend Saturday night and Sunday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Francis (Buster) Deuter, returning to Ft. Leonard Wood Sunday afternoon to complete basic training.

Howard Peterka, president of the First National Bank, presented a check for $1,000 as a donation to the Hand County Senior Citizens organization. Harold Carr, chairman of the finance committee, accepted the check. All monies received will be applied to the 25 percent of the year’s need of the organization, which must be raised locally.

October 29, 1982

Sunday evening, Oct. 31, at 7:30 p.m., the Turner family will perform at the Ree Heights Community Church. They play religious Appalachian and Bluegrass music. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Lorraine Kuper attended the Mid-So-Dak CowBelles meeting at the Doris Mewes home north of Highmore Wednesday afternoon. Thursday she attended the Make and Bake Sale and luncheon at the Methodist Church in Highmore. Friday she represented the CowBelles at the high school beef cookoff. Eunice Anderson, Esther Weidenbach and Pat Bonnichson were the judges.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schock attended the open house for Mr. and Mrs. Walter LaFortune from California for their 65th wedding anniversary, held at the Catholic Church in Highmore.

October 30, 1992

A correction from one of the papers: There were about 400 people at the Ree Heights Church supper, NOT the 100 that was printed in the paper. I received several calls on this. Sorry.

Pheasant season opened Saturday with a large number of hunters in the area and many from out of state. The report is that many of them saw lots of birds and got a full limit to nearly full, but were very pleased to see so many birds.

Others didn’t see many at all. This is a typical season.

Leo, Bruce, Laura and Keith Weyrich, Sturgis, arrived on Friday evening to stay with Dean Beck and hunt pheasants. They left Sunday morning for their home.

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