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Posted October 22, 2013 at 5:45 pm

October 10, 1913

A hog house and a corncrib on the J.R. Speirs ranch burned Saturday, and the only solution to the mystery of how the fire started is that a quantity of cobs had been burned out in the lot, a considerable distance from the buildings. The supposition is that the hogs had carried half-burned cobs under the corncrib, which started the fire.


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Miss Thelma Wareing is confined to her home with what the doctors have called “Weed Poisoning,” which has broken out on her hands and face.

W.J. Biever went to his old home at Woodstock, Minn. Wednesday evening. T.J. Leyson held down the big armchair and read the “Hunter, Trapper and Trader” during Bill’s absence.

October 12, 1923

Baseball fans are receiving the World Series games, play-by-play at Lake’s Cream Station. They have attached Art Dale’s loudspeaker and are getting good results.

W.S. Bell returned home Wednesday after a month’s trip in the east and attending the GAR encampment in Milwaukee. Mr. Bell tells of the many pleasing sights and places of interest he visited while at the encampment and says he enjoyed a wonderful trip. Although he is in his eighties, he made the trip unaccompanied and is very active both physically and mentally. Before returning home, he visited at his old home in Wisconsin and spent several days among old friends and relatives.

Prof. Edwin Lorentson was a caller at the Sun office. He formerly was superintendent of the Ree Heights School, but for a year or two has been in a Minneapolis hospital recovering from illness. He appears perfectly well now.

October 13, 1933

Frost visited this section recently, and fires have been quite comfortable during the early morning hours these past few days.

On Monday evening of this week, the community gave a farewell reception at the church basement for the Rev. Meckel family, who is leaving Monday for St. Paul, Minn., to make their home and continue in their work. A beautiful electric lamp was presented from the community. Rev. Meckel has served the church here since 1929 and it is with regret that we see this family leave our midst.

October 15, 1943

Pete Suhn, with the help of Chas. Beranek and Milton Hickcox, completed the installation of one of the town’s five hydrants this week.

Lt. and Mrs. Lee Speirs of Pensacola, Fla., arrived here Saturday morning and are spending the week with Lee’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Speirs, and plan to leave here Friday for the East Coast, where Lee will join the fleet and Mrs. Speirs plans to take nurses’ training.

Funeral services were held in Ree Heights Monday for Tom Mitchell. He came to South Dakota from Illinois at the age of 14, with his brother Grober, and has lived in or around Ree Heights since. He married Olga Wotowey July 8, 1916, and to this union six children—five boys and one girl—were born.

October 16, 1953

A Court of Honor was held Thursday evening, at which time Stanley White was inducted into the Boy Scouts of America. Council Executive Lloyd Kraft from Huron was present and assisted in the ceremony. Rodney Fawcett and Barry Steele received their Star Badges. Merit Badges were awarded to the following boys: Beef Production and Sheep Raising to Donny Kelly; First Aid and Pioneering to Barry Steele; Railroading to Dale Fawcett and Dennis Kleinsasser.

O’Neill Day was held at the Adams County Fair, Adams, Wis., on September 12 in honor of the Rev. and Mrs. J.T. O’Neill. Old timers in Ree Heights and St. Lawrence will remember the Rev. O’Neill as a former pastor. He came from Wisconsin to the Ree Heights Congregational Church in 1910.

October 11, 1963

Charlotte and Patricia Schock, daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schock, have moved to Pierre, where they are both employed. Charlotte is in the State Health Department and Patricia is in the veterans’ department.

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne White and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Moore left for Yankton Sunday, where they will visit Stanley and Cheryl White, who are attending college there, and will go on to Oklahoma to visit relatives. Jeaneen White is staying at the Hulls while her parents are away.

Funeral services were held October 4 for Adolph Weniger at the Reck Funeral Home. The Rev. Tyra Talley officiated and burial was in Ree Heights Morningside Cemetery. He is survived by his wife Mary (formerly Mary Wotowey), daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Wotowey of Ree Heights.

October 12, 1973

Gravesite military rites were held Sunday afternoon at 1:30 for Lyal E. Cook, 78, of Ree Heights. Services were conducted at Morningside Cemetery, Ree Heights, with Mrs. Roma Eschliman officiating. Mr. Cook died October 4 at his home in Spring Hill Township. They moved to a farm south of Ree Heights and he continued to farm until his retirement in 1949. He was a veteran of the First World War.

Miss Rose Hancock, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Hancock, Ree Heights, has enlisted in the U.S. Army. Miss Hancock, a graduate of Miller High School, has been assigned to Ft. McClennon, Alabama for basic training.

October 13, 1983

PTO will be held Monday, Oct. 17 in the school gym. The lunch committee is Bouren, Faulstich, Johnson and Poindexter.

Mr. and Mrs. Keith Ness and family attended the wedding of Keith’s uncle, Einar Ness at Huron Monday. The service was performed on horseback.

Sunday evening visitors at the David Phinney home after the church supper were Mary and Rose Phinney and Jeff, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Newell, Kathryn McClendon, Grandma Phinney, Roslyn Struse, Mrs. Rich Hargens and Jeff and Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Schaefers, Orient.