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December 26, 1913

According to the St. Lawrence News, Mr. Magness, who is well known around Ree Heights as one of the best auctioneers in the county, on the evening of Wednesday, Dec. 17, 1913, at 8 o’clock, Miss Mabel E. Altenow and Mr. James M. Magness were united in marriage at the home of the bride’s parents, by Rev. G. Isaac.


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The fine weather, which was in evidence all this month, caught a cold Tuesday night and the wind brought a few snow flurries Wednesday. By evening, however, the wind died down enough so the Opera House was filled with people, young and old, gathered for the annual Christmas tree “doings.”

C.P. Hickcox of Lake Andes was here over Sunday visiting with his brother, N.T. Hickcox here and other relatives in Miller. Mr. Hickcox was an old timer in this county, having run a blacksmith shop at Miller in ‘82. In 1879 he made a trip through here on his way to Deadwood.

December 28, 1923

Skating is said to be very good out at the Leyson Lake and a large number of town folks went out Christmas and spent the afternoon on skates. They say the ice is thick enough to withstand the hardest falls.

The Ford contest at the Ree Merc closed at 10 o’clock last Saturday night and a large crowd was present to hear the final count. Ben Hamlin had the largest number of votes and drove the Ford home that night. Ted Johnson was the second-place winner and was awarded a big Brooks phonograph. Rev. George T. Matthews held third place and was awarded a $50.00 gold watch.

Fred Sivertsen had the misfortune of having his leg badly broken Monday noon, when the horse he was riding fell on him. Both bones were broken above the ankle. Dr. Wheelock came down in the ambulance and brought him back to the hospital, where the injured member was set. His sister Marie, who is a trained nurse, accompanied him and is caring for him.

December 29, 1933

John Butler tipped his Chevrolet over last Saturday evening while on his way home from town. The accident occurred a half mile west of Ree Heights on the turn. John and his brother, who was with him, were unhurt. The two right wheels of the car were broken and the fenders and one side of the top were bashed up. The Chevrolet was fairly new.

Doggone cold weather these past few days. Monday, thermometers around town ranged from 9 to 16 below, and Tuesday from 27 to 35 below. Wednesday was some warmer.

Funeral services were held in the Methodist Church in Highmore Tuesday, Dec. 26 for Donald Hague, 21-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Etna Hague. He passed away at his home Saturday, Dec. 23, after an illness of about 21 days with pneumonia and complications.

December 31, 1943

R.C. Swanson and his wife, the former Jessie Hague, arrived here the first of the week from Champaign, Ill., where he has just completed a course in weather forecasting. They visited in the home of her aunt, Mrs. Carl Speirs, on their way to Portland, Ore. They had spent Christmas with his parents at Lake Andes.

Pfc Gerald Blaseg left on the bus Thursday afternoon for San Francisco, Calif., where he is with the Coast Artillery, after spending Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Blaseg, and other relatives.

January 1, 1954

Bill Hull will head the newly-organized Parent Teacher’s Association, sponsored by Explorer Post No. 30 of Ree Heights. It was announced today by Mrs. Donald Kelly, PTA president. Charter members of the unit are Verlyn Schock, Paul Paine, Dennis Kleinsasser, Ray McGee, Barry Steele, Rodney Fawcett, Dale Fawcett and Edward Moody.

Mrs. Roger Paine suffered a light paralytic stroke the day before Christmas and was confined to her bed for a few days. She is able to be up, but must be quiet for a while.

December 27, 1963

Funeral services were held Monday morning, Dec. 16 at the Immaculate Conception Church at Stephan for Mrs. James Beranek, who passed away Thursday evening at Hand County Memorial Hospital in Miller. Survivors include her husband, James; son Joseph and daughter Bessie Werdel; two sisters, Mrs. Christy Sivertsen and Mrs. Albert Gitchell; and one brother, John Puffer.

Robert Scott, who attends college at San Angelo, Texas, is spending Christmas at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Scott.

December 28, 1973

It was a white Christmas, and unless the area gets a tropical heat wave, it will also be a white New Year.

Mr. and Mrs. T.J. Poindexter went to Rochester last Thursday to be with Mr. and Mrs. Wayne White, while Wayne had surgery Friday. They returned home Saturday, and report that Wayne’s surgery went just fine.

Several families from the northwest Hand area attended the potluck and Christmas program at the Ree Heights Church on Thursday evening.

December 29, 1983

Christmas Eve supper guests at the Buster Deuter home were Mr. and Mrs. Clare Cahoon, Mr. and Mrs. Don Deuter and Mr. and Mrs. Casey Deuter and family. The rest of the family couldn’t make it because of the weather.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hammill were Christmas supper guests at the Bruce Hammill home, Miller. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ken Knippling, Gann Valley; Mr. and Mrs. Rex Hines and Tami, Tim, Betty and Sandi Hammill, Redfield.

Howard and Genevieve Hancock, Ree Heights, had a narrow escape Monday when they were overcome by sewer gas in their home. The quick thinking on the part of a neighbor saved them after they became ill. Both were admitted to Hand County Memorial Hospital for treatment.