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Posted January 22, 2013 at 8:39 pm

January 18, 1913

Mr. Elroy Crackel and Miss Elizabeth Blaseg were quietly married at the Mission in southern Hyde County, Wednesday, Jan. 15, 1913.


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Rev. E.P. Swartout of Turton, who was pastor here 20 years ago, has been engaged to take the place of Rev. J.T. O’Neill when the latter leaves here March 1.

The Hickcox, Shreffler and Wilcox families enjoyed an oyster supper and taffy pull at the Ferguson home New Year’s Eve. All had a very pleasant time playing games and watching for the “New Year.”

January 19, 1923

Selden, son of Mr. and Mrs. Selden Mitchell, north of town, suffered the fracture of both bones in the left arm just above the wrist Sunday, during the Hand-Hyde rabbit hunt. Selden was standing in the rear of the buggy getting everything that jumped up, when the horses jerked, throwing him out on the frozen ground. He was taken to Miller for medical attention and is getting along nicely.

The Hand-Hyde jack rabbit hunt in the north end of the two counties resulted in the killing of 105 rabbits, the Hyde County side getting 65, and the Hand County side 40.

A baby boy was born to the Editor and wife about 9:30 Sunday morning, at Dr. Gordon’s private hospital in Miller. He is a real South Dakota boy, weighing 11 ½ pounds in his first little clothes. Mother and babe are getting along very nicely.

January 20, 1933

Paul Blaseg has started putting up ice this week. The ice is being cut from the pool east of the Glen Willett residence.

A surprise party was held at the John Semmler home Tuesday, Jan. 17 in honor of Miss Elsa’s 19th birthday.

Work on the Ree Heights-Harrold telephone directory has been completed and the books delivered to the local exchange. The company will distribute them to their local subscribers within the next few days. The directory is somewhat smaller than usual due to the lack of advertising.

January 22, 1943

The Roesler young folks were supper guests at the Thomas Hasart home Friday to honor Alfred, who returned to his Army duties by plane Saturday.

At a school board meeting Thursday evening of last week, the board accepted the application of Mrs. Joe Slegar, Highmore, to fill the vacancy in the high school teaching staff caused by the resignation of Mrs. Gale Cowan. The board also made arrangements to continue the school lunchroom for the balance of the year.

Mrs. Ralph Snethen was hostess to the Tuesday club members this week. Despite the 26-below-zero weather, about a dozen members were out and a pleasant evening was spent.

January 23, 1953

Bob McGee, a former Ree Heights resident and a Hand County draftee, is back in the States again, after serving several months in Korea as a machine gunner with the Army.

Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hickcox took their son Robert to Huron Wednesday, where he boarded a plane that evening for Camp Pendleton, Calif., after spending a month furlough here following his return from Korea.

Dennis Kleinsasser sang at a Kiwanis luncheon in Miller Tuesday of this week. He was accompanied by Mrs. H.H. Gardner. Tuesday evening, he sang at a polio benefit program at the Huron Arena, which was broadcast.

January 18, 1963

Wayne White underwent minor surgery at St. John’s Hospital in Huron Wednesday, where he had a small growth removed from the area of an eye. He returned home from the hospital the following day.

Mrs. Frank Moody and daughter Charlotte, Mrs. Aaron Burge and Mrs. John Iverson braced the 30-below weather to attend the Raske-Bousman wedding at Bemis. They stopped at Watertown on their way home to call on a sister of Mrs. Iverson. Due to the high winds Saturday evening, Mrs. Iverson and Mrs. Burge were overnight guests at the Frank Moody home.

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Schock drove their daughter, Charlotte, to Omaha, Neb., the first of January, where she entered the Personal Training Institute School for a three-month training session.

January 26, 1973

Someone who was familiar with weather in South Dakota is credited with the statement that if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it will change. The weatherman who had predicted mild, pleasant temperatures for the next 30 days must have choked a little on his forecast. Snow began falling Saturday forenoon, but instead of being just a passing flurry, it continued until over six inches fell—some say more like seven inches. Snow plows were called in to await the diminishing of the storm, but snow piled up in the roads almost as fast as they were cleared.

The Ree Heights Snow Riders will be holding a trail ride February 4 to Lake Louise. They will meet at the Stanley Iverson home and leave for the lake at 1 p.m. Upon completion of the trail ride, Mr. and Mrs. Iverson will host supper for the riders, followed by an evening business meeting.

The Ree Heights Snow Riders are invited to join the Miller Snowmobile Club on a trail ride Sunday, Jan. 28, to Skunk Island. The trail ride will begin at the Ivyl Kopecky home at 10 a.m. and they will follow the river and lunch at Skunk Creek.

January 21, 1983

Saturday evening visitors at the Buster Deuter home were Mr. and Mrs. Dale Deuter, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Deuter, Mr. and Mrs. Craig Deuter, all of Rapid City, and Dad Deuter. They took Dad Deuter out for supper in Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Deuter took Dad Deuter to Orient and were overnight guests at the George McKay home. The Dale Deuters and the Craig Deuters were overnight guests at the Buster Deuter home.

The community extends sympathy to the Ivan Hancocks in the loss of her brother-in-law, Willard Lewellen.

David and Vera Paine, Vienna, formerly of Ree Heights, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a dinner for the immediate family at Little America Restaurant, Flagstaff, Ariz., January 1. Their two sons, Myron and David Lynn, and their families, including six grandchildren were in attendance. The Paine family commemorated the occasion by hiking the hills around Sedona, Ariz., evenings of visiting, and a dinner celebration.