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Posted January 22, 2014 at 6:06 pm

January 16, 1914

The first annual show held by the Ree Valley Poultry Association was held in Miller, January 5-9. It was a large show, considering it was their first show, between 400 and 500 birds. Their meeting and organization work was held Thursday night, at which time J.O. Gage of Ree Heights was elected president.


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Hand County can have a Suffrage parade as well as New York, Washington or any of those large places. Some might claim the trip was made to prove the quality of our good roads, or to prove to the world the excellence of winter weather in South Dakota, or some other motive. But anyhow, three of the teachers of the Miller High School—Misses Frey, Pyle and Swartout—“hiked” to Ree Heights Saturday over the Black and Yellow Trail. They no doubt made a lot of votes for suffrage along the route, especially at the John Speirs Ranch, where they were put up for dinner. Miss Swartout, when she reached Ree Heights (her home), said they were all in and had to order an “ambulance” to take them home.

J.H. Wire, our city drayman, states that he hauled 3,124 cans of cream to the depot during the year of 1913.

January 18, 1924

Bailey Comments: Mabel Werdel returned home from Carroll, Iowa, Friday, where she had been attending school. She has been compelled to give up her schoolwork on account of her eyes. Before returning home, she visited friends in La Mars and Sioux City.

Fred Sivertsen was able to return home from the hospital Thursday. His limb is in a plaster cast, and he is able to be about some with the aid of crutches.

A meeting was held at the P.E. Goth home Monday night and arrangements were completed for a Ladies Auxiliary to the American Legion. Enough members have joined to secure a charter and the organization will soon be in order.

January 19, 1934

Miss Bonnie Beck of Ree Heights has just received the distinct honor of being placed on the scholastic honor roll at Dakota Wesleyan University, for the quarter that has just closed. To receive such an honor, a student must maintain grade averages which are above the grade of “B.”

Although he hasn’t told us so, I see by the County Proceedings that L.H. Cowan was re-elected chairman of the County Board of Commissioners. He succeeds F.M. Davis in that office.

Mrs. Jim Barber and son, Allen, accompanied by Allen’s lady friend from Highmore, spent Friday afternoon at the N.T. Hickcox home, remaining in town Friday evening for the basketball game and the dance.

January 21, 1944

A prairie fire that broke out in the Wes Newell pasture, 6 ½ miles southwest of Ree Heights Thursday afternoon caused the deaths of two people, Clint Parish and Leo Manning, and more or less serious injury to several others. The casualties occurred when, in the smoke and dust, four or five cars piled up on the highway east of the Wes Newell place. Among those receiving burns were Ray Parish, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Rath and Wayne Knight. Supt. George Jurgens of Ree Heights suffered a broken rib, dislocated knee cap and cuts about the face, in the same accident, but was not burned.

Hans E. Ehlers, 32, machinist mate, First Class, in the Navy, who was reported missing in action, after the fall of Bataan and Corregidor, arrived Tuesday in Meadow Grove, Neb. for his first visit with his father, Henry C. Ehlers, in seven years. Ehlers and 26 others escaped from the Philippines and about 25 days later arrived in Australia. He preferred not to reveal how he escaped, as it hadn’t been announced by the Navy as yet. (Hans was a former resident of near Ree Heights).

Mrs. Pearl Voelker received a letter from her son Marion last week, bringing her information that he is in the Fiji Islands, is okay and feeling fine. This is the first information that she has had as to his whereabouts, although she had known he was somewhere in the South Sea Islands.

January 22, 1954

Friends and relatives were shocked Sunday morning when they received word of the sudden death of Mrs. Paul Blaseg, 45, who passed away sometime during the early morning of January 17 at her home in Alder, Mont. Mrs. Blaseg was the former Nola Willet and was born and grew up to young womanhood in Ree Heights. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Willet. Her father, Glenn, preceded her in death several years ago.

Nine South Dakota high school newspapers entered in the 17th annual Scholastic Press Project have been picked for entry in the National Contest, sponsored by the National Tuberculosis Association and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. The Ree Heights School paper is one of the nine. The “Ree Chief” is the Ree Heights’ school paper. Delores Steele is Ree Chief editor this year, and Miss D. Kuni, advisor.

The weather has changed some. We still have the weather, but it is cold, way below zero at times. Not much snow and not much wind, so it isn’t too terrible bad.

January 17, 1964

A memorial service was held in the Ree Heights Congregational Church Wednesday, Jan. 15 at 3:30 p.m. for the six-month-old daughter, Polly Bess, of Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Nicholas, Jr. The infant died at St. John’s Hospital in Huron following a short illness. Burial was in Ree Heights Morningside Cemetery.

Mr. and Mrs. Curt Hammill were honored on their 62nd wedding anniversary at a surprise party, when the Ree Heights Community Club and relatives and friends gathered at their home in Ree Heights Wednesday evening, Janaury 8.

January 18, 1974

Oscar W. Hagen, Orient, Wednesday announced that he would be a candidate for the office of Governor of South Dakota, as a Republican. Hagen is a farmer, living in Spring Township, and a former teacher in the Polo High School.

Just when the residents had reached a point where they wondered if the cold, frigid winter weather would never end, Mother Nature brought some very welcome relief from the sub-zero temperatures.

Mrs. Elsa Fetzer and Theresa drove to De Smet Saturday afternoon to see Mr. Fetzer, who is in the hospital there following an accident in Nebraska Wednesday of last week. He hit a patch of ice, causing his pickup to overturn.

January 19, 1984

Mr. and Mrs. Clare Cahoon left early Sunday morning for their winter vacation in Florida.

Rodney, Marie and Brenda Fawcett left last Thursday to attend the Denver Stock Show. Rodney and Brenda will return Tuesday, and Marie will be home Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Buster Deuter left last Tuesday to attend the Denver Stock Show.

Mr. and Mrs. Jim Iverson, Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Iverson and family, and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Kuper treated Mr. and Mrs. John Iverson to supper in Miller Friday evening for their 40th wedding anniversary.