Just a few days of Thanksgiving break, my back and me! Wells Wisdom 11-28-12

Posted November 27, 2012 at 6:59 pm

Five days off for Thanksgiving break? Oh, what a great plan; I could hardly wait. There were so many things I wanted to do and so many places I wanted to go…it was going to be a great time!

Except that on my last two days of work, I woke up with a nagging lower backache–both mornings. It started out slow, so I tried to ignore it. That always aggravates my back, so it decided to up the ante. By the end of my last day of the week before my break, it was hurting so much that even my eyebrows were too sore to move.


Jackie Wells-Fauth

The first morning off I employed my usual method of dealing with my bad back: mind over matter. I can remember my grandmother telling me that nothing hurt as much if you just convinced yourself it didn’t. Well, I decided to just work through that back pain and go for a short walk. I made it all the way from the bedroom to the living room and then my mind decided that the pain in my back really did matter.

It’s so inconvenient to have a sore back. You can’t do simple things that you want to. I had trouble putting on clothes, socks and shoes and it was even difficult just to pull a shirt on. As for taking a shower, forget it. The water made everything slippery and it’s difficult to do the “I’m sliding on the soap dance,” with a sore back without falling down.

It was okay that I fell down, though, because then it was easier to reach my feet. Washing and drying any part of the body involves the back, but I’m never aware of that unless my back is sore while I’m taking my shower. Instead of singing in the shower, I’m chanting over and over, “Ouch! That hurts! Ooh! That hurts too! Man, that hurts!” I’d tell you the rest, but it usually degenerates into swear words.

When your back hurts, you really should sit and rest it. Every time I sat down to relax on a heating pad, the phone rang. The elections are over, but I’m still getting calls to re-finance my house, fix my credit rating, take a “free” cruise and so on. When I finally took the phone off the hook, I fell asleep on the heating pad and now I have burns on the skin in addition to an ache in the muscles.

A sore back usually means you’re not comfortable standing for very long. Of course, you’re also not comfortable sitting and come to think of it, you’re not comfortable lying down, either. So, I spent several days wandering around the house, sitting on straight back chairs and shifting ever so carefully in bed to try and find a comfortable way to sleep.

It’s been a long four days, trying to convince myself that I can bend over and take a turkey out of the oven and I can lift that heavy pan of potatoes off the stove. However, my grandmother’s method must finally be kicking in, because the back is definitely feeling better. I don’t mind bending over, getting up or going upstairs. I’m sure it’s my mental discipline that is causing this to happen. It couldn’t be that the back has just responded to a little ice and heat, could it? Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that my break is finally over and it’s time to go back to school. That’s probably it, but whatever caused it, I’m very glad that my back is back in the game!

Just a few days of Thanksgiving break, my back and me!