Include Christmas Colors on Black Friday A Ranchwife's Slant 12-5-12

Posted December 4, 2012 at 4:22 pm

Every year there’s something missing on Black Friday—red and green shopping deals. There needs to be more Christmassy colored specials on Black Friday.


I know just where some red, green, or even blue post-Thanksgiving specials could be found: implement dealerships that sell John Deere, Case IH, and Ford-New Holland equipment.

Seeing signature red, green or blue companies partaking in drastically reduced offers could really brighten up the gloomy-sounding day my husband calls “Black Eye Friday”: a day when people-punching shoppers get aggressive over line-cutting the day after Thanksgiving. Crazy people shouldn’t get all the glory on the day-after-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy. There definitely needs to be some incentives for farmers and ranchers to do their shopping as well. Ag people are big spenders—they get loans for their purchases.

Implement dealerships could drum up more business during their slow season. It would be the perfect way for people in agriculture to make a substantial purchase because they have time to do some equipment shopping. Harvest and haying season is over and calving season is a few months away. Now is the time of year they still have the money to buy equipment because the calf and crop checks are in the bank and farmers and ranchers are always anxious to buy something they can write off before the new tax year begins.

It is high-time agriculture equipment companies participate in the big annual shopping day. They need to capitalize on this Black Friday mayhem thing and make it more ag-friendly because somebody needs to offer extreme money saving opportunities that farmers and ranchers can relate to. Bargain deals on haying equipment, tractors and expensive harvesting machinery the day after Thanksgiving could easily be called Green Friday Red Friday or Blue Friday, according to the equipment brand the dealerships carry. Inventory of last year’s models and used equipment could get cleared out while simultaneously making a lot of farm and ranch outfits happy.

Implement companies and their dealers should get into spreading some of the money-saving cheer because farmers and ranchers are shoppers who could really use a good deal on their business equipment. It would be a win-win for everyone involved: the equipment manufacturers, the dealerships, the banks giving the loans, the farmers and ranchers who need equipment upgrades (or are just convinced they need it) and a tax relief. The rest of the nation would benefit from Red or Green Friday because offering specials on these kinds of purchases would allow the production of food to continue for the world—something people really need versus another big screen TV.

Red, Green, and Blue Friday deals would also ease the agony for some guys trying to decide whether or not to break down and get a different baler, upgrade a tractor, or other equipment. Depending on the brand of equipment dealerships service, they could also offer good deals on all those spendy parts and mechanical work on equipment during the off-season and keep business thriving all winter long. No need to lay off mechanics during the slow season; just offer Red, Green or Blue Friday specials redeemable all winter since it’s not haying or harvest time.

The best part about farm and ranch shoppers is that once the doors open the day after Thanksgiving they aren’t pushy about getting into a store. They’d rather be outside looking at tractors and equipment.


Include Christmas Colors on Black Friday