I’m gettin’ a kitten soon RAMifications 4-3-13

Posted April 2, 2013 at 5:47 pm

This has been a rather rough winter for me. Besides the snow and worrying if I’ll be plowed out, I’ve had to accept losses.

The first was my little Ellie cat. On January 18, I knew I had no choice but to have her “put to sleep.” After 17 years, that was very hard.


Ruth A. Moller

Then in February, my dear friend Harriet Sisk died.

In March came the death of my cousin’s wife. I’ve known her “forever,” and she and my cousin were married the November after I was married. I was their daughter’s godmother. We’ve been intertwined for years. Her death was a “blessing,” but not something to be easily accepted.

At her funeral I told a relative, “We have to quit meeting like this.” The last three times I’ve seen her has been at funerals.

All of this, plus a few other things has taken a toll. It’s seemed like a long winter.

But, I’m gettin’ a kitten!

After Ellie, I wasn’t sure I was in the mood for any more pets, other than the two I have. But several, including my daughter, urged me to find a new “baby.”

People who know me well know I’m a pushover for babies of any kind. If I’d been able to, I’d have had babies in my house all the time…human as well as animal. Little ones have always given me a happier outlook on life.

I was told about Himalayan kittens that were available. I’ve had two part Himalayans, and they had such wonderful dispositions…plus they were beautiful.

So I called, and lo and behold, there were three kittens, born February 9.

I went to meet them, and each was adorable. I finally decided on a little seal point, and when I picked her up, she immediately snuggled and went to sleep. I guess she knew I’m a soft touch.

I’ve tried to consider all the “cons.” Animals cost money, and for sure kittens can be full of mischief. I’m not sure how her older housemates might react at first. And–let’s be honest–I’m not a “spring chicken.” Can we have a good journey together? (I’ve already warned relatives that if anything happens to me, they are responsible for the cats!).

But just as I always prepared for my human babies, I find I’m preparing again. At first, until she is accustomed to her environment, she will stay in my room, so I’ve bought a basket for sleeping. I have a little “blankie” she can sleep on, and I’ll put in a clock that ticks. She’ll have her temporary litter box, and kitten food and water. I went through all that when I brought my Callie kitten home from the animal shelter (and with many others over the years), and they’ve always adapted and flourished.

Tyler and Brooke have suggested names, such as “Dandelion” and “Cuddles.” I’ll have to get to know her personality before I decide what to call her.

Of course, I’m well aware that this bundle of fur will never “replace” Ellie. One never replaces another.

But I find my frame of mind is simply better. I watched Ellie decline. Now I’ll have a little beast that is just starting her nine lives. And anyone who has pets (cats or dogs) knows they each have their own persona, temperament and intelligence. And just like kids, you love ‘em for who they are, and what they add to your life.

I’m getting anxious for her joining my household. I want to get on with our journey together. And I swear I feel younger.

Babies just do that for you (I’ll take pictures).

I’m gettin’ a kitten soon