Hunting season dates set 3-27-13

Posted March 29, 2013 at 3:40 pm

Hunting season dates set

The SD GF&P has finalized most big-game hunting season dates for 2013 with no changes from 2012.

The season structure, including license numbers, will be set in coming months.

Dates for this year: Pheasant, Oct. 19-Jan. 5; Youth Pheasant, Oct. 5-9; Resident Only Pheasant, Oct. 12-14; Grouse/Partridge, Sept. 21-Jan. 5; Mourning Dove, Sept. 1-Nov. 9; Fall Turkey, Oct. 1-Jan. 31; Archery Antelope, Aug. 17-Sept. 27 and Oct. 14-31; Firearms Antelope, Sept. 28-Oct. 13; Black Hills Archery Elk, Sept. 1-30; Black Hills Firearms Elk, Oct. 1-31 and December 1-15; Archery Deer, Sept. 28-Jan. 15; Youth Deer, Sept. 14-Jan. 15; Black Hills Deer, Nov. 1-30; West River Deer, Nov. 16-Dec. 1; East River Deer, Nov. 23-Dec. 8; Muzzleloader Deer, Dec. 1-Jan. 15.

Deer and antelope tag allocations, waterfowl, sage grouse, and the mountain lion season, as well as new state laws will be addressed at upcoming commission meetings.

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