Hunters urged to register for depredation hunts

Posted November 27, 2012 at 6:19 pm

South Dakota hunters will soon have an opportunity to submit applications for winter big-game depredation hunts if and when they are required.


“GFP’s Wildlife Damage Management Program assists landowners with depredation problems, and winter depredation hunts are a valuable tool to alleviate wildlife damage to livestock feed supplies,” said Keith Fisk, Wildlife Damage Program administrator in the Game, Fish and Parks Department.

South Dakota residents may register for potential depredation hunts for deer, antelope, and turkey starting December 1 at

Applications put hunters in a pool of people who may be called upon if GFP, working with farmers and ranchers, determines that a big game hunt is necessary to alleviate depredation issues.

“Depredation hunts are time-sensitive, and winter weather can sometimes make travel difficult for participating hunters,” Fisk said. “We need those hunters to be available at the hunt location within a day or two. Consequently, we encourage hunters to choose locations that are within close driving distance.”

Registered hunters are selected through a random drawing process when a depredation hunt is authorized. 

For more information, please visit or contact GFP at 605-223-7660.