Hunters keep coming Ree Heights 11-14-12

Posted November 13, 2012 at 5:02 pm

The weather this past week has been cool, cloudy, windy and showery and foggy, as we did have some rain.

The hunters are still coming, as there has been a few here this past week and have been hunting in the area. 


Ree Heights

Delton and Carole Beck visited at the Jeff and Margie Parmely home in Miller on Sunday.

Jared, Laura, Noah, Jonah and Lydia Beck, Huron, visited and were supper guests at the Delton and Carole Beck home on Sunday afternoon and evening.

Delton and Carole Beck accompanied Jeff and Margie Parmely, Miller, to Sioux Falls on Tuesday where Delton had a doctor’s appointment and they all visited with Brian Robertson and his family at the hospital there.

Several from this area attended the American Legion Turkey Bingo on Friday evening.

A nursing house was being built near our home, and a five-year-old asked me what the building was going to be used for. I told him that sometime when a person gets old they need help and someone has to help them.  He said that he would take care of me. I said, “That’s nice but you’d have to be a grown-up to take care of me?” He replied, “Well, could you try not to get into any trouble before I’m grown up? “ 

Hunters keep coming