Hofman is new office manager at Sheriff’s Office

Posted November 4, 2013 at 6:31 pm


Tammy Hofman has been hired as office manager at the Hand County Sheriff’s Office.

She has been on the job about two months, and has been “learning the ropes” regarding the many duties that are included as an office manager.

“It involves dispatching, answering phones, paperwork and bills, and even posting weather alerts,” Hofman said. “Everything has to be logged. I’ve also been doing a lot of reading, becoming familiar with all the laws.”

Hofman and her husband Jim live on Sunshine Bible Academy grounds, where he is Bible teacher, chaplain and student council advisor. They have been at SBA for five years and have two children, Joshua in eighth grade, and Becca, a fourth grader.

“I’ve been involved at SBA,” Hofman explained. “I was yearbook advisor, and did substitute teaching. I also was student council advisor along with my husband. My background is youth ministry.”

But, she says, the time came when she knew she had to go to work on a full-time basis. “I hadn’t worked full-time since the kids were born. And I knew that whatever job I found, I would have to love it. I really prayed about it.”

And, she has found she loves working at the sheriff’s office. “There is always something different going on. It is definitely not a boring job.”

She also enjoys the people she works with, and noted “Doug (sheriff) is such a people person. Everyone in the office is ready to help wherever needed. They are really part of their community.”

Hofman works each weekday and every other Saturday. “This job,” she says, “has been a huge answered prayer.”