HOBY delegates selected at Miller High School

Posted December 5, 2012 at 4:34 pm

For more than 50 years HOBY has been known as the country’s top youth leadership development organization. 

HOBY delagates.jpg

Records indicate that at least since 1986, Miller High School has been sending sophomores as delegates to HOBY. Cassie Beckett and Lexy Gimbel have been selected as this year’s delegates, with Sylvia Wieseler as alternate.

Founded in 1958 by veteran actor Hugh O’Brian, HOBY’s mission is to provide lifelong leadership development opportunities that empower individuals to achieve their highest potential. O’Brian set out to help young people make a difference and become positive catalysts for change—in the home, school, workplace and community. Now, with more than 375,000 alumni leading the way, HOBY is respected worldwide for its youth leadership programs.

HOBY programs are conducted annually throughout the United States, serving local and international high school students. To get involved as a student, school, parent, alumna/us, volunteer or supporter, visit http://www.hoby.org/.

Previous years HOBY Ambassadors from Miller High School: 2012 – Jeremy Coss, Shelby Lingscheit; 2011 – Jordan DeBoer, Kirstyn Fiala; 2009 – Anna Duxbury, Dana Fanning; 2008 – Jessica Pulscher; 2007 – Casey Kaltenbach; 2006 – Denaeh Anglin; 2005 – Sarah Swenson; 2001 – Sheila (Brueggeman) Brown; 2000 – Kelly Haberling; 1999 – Travis Heasley; 1998 – Kayee (Frederick) Bevers; 1997 – Rachael Moeller; 1996 – Amanda McMahon; 1995 – Sarah Templeton; 1994 – Jared Holt; 1993 – Carrie (DeRoos) Nye; 1992 – Dianne (Bertsch) Neyens; 1991 – Jason Hurd; 1990 – Matthew Semmler; 1988 – Bonnie (Testerman) Burkett; and 1986 – Cynthia (Hart) Mickelson.


THIS YEAR’S HOBY delegates from Miller High School are, l to r, Cassie Beckett and Lexy Gimbel. Sylvia Wieseler is alternate.