Hats off to unknown snow shoveler Friendship Center 1-30-13

Posted January 28, 2013 at 4:34 pm

Hats off to unknown snow shoveler

First of all for this week, we at Friendship Center express our gratitude to whoever has kept the sidewalk in front of the center free of snow this winter. It is so nice to arrive and find it done!!

Now the news from the Pool and Snooker tables, and yes they are well used each week, which is what we hoped for.

January 18: 8-ball. Jim DeGeest and Warren Skinner ran into a buzz-saw comprised of George Englemann and George Mogle and lost five games to three, plus “WPP” Champs–six to three altogether. “But we shot sometimes good and sometimes bad. We had a good time, but they had better ones. Our time next week!! Saw up that old stick and get a stick that makes all the shots for you, all the time!! When you find one let Skinner know!!”

January 21: Players were George Melber, Jim DeGeest, Harlan Meier and Merv Mewes

January: Bob Slunecka, Joe Oligmueller, Arnold Johnson and Rev. Glee were the players.

January 23: Jim DeGeest, George Mogle and Joe Oligmueller signed in for the day.

January 24: Warren Skinner, Joe Olegmueller, George Mogle and Merv Mewes played for a short time, then turned the table over to Charlotte Evans and Marvin VanDerWerff.

January 25: The 3 “George’s”—Mogle, Melber, and Englemann—and Jim DeGeest signed in for the afternoon.

January 30: Cards of choice

January 31: Rummy

February 1, 2, 4: Cards of choice

February 4: BOARD MEETING at 1:30 p.m.

February 5: Rummy

February 6: Cards

Exercises Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.