Hand-E-Hands 4-H Reports

Posted November 27, 2012 at 6:28 pm


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The Hand-E-Hands 4-H club held a regular meeting on November 4 at 3 p.m. at Marsha Howard’s home. Kirstyn and Megan Fiala were hosts.

Alana Howard led the flag pledge. Marshall Johnson, secretary, called roll with the question, “What did you do for Halloween?”

Old business consisted of talking about the forms needed to prove to the IRS that we are a non-profit organization and handing out the correct forms to new members, such as the journal and accomplishment forms.

In new business, Kirstyn Fiala moved that the club host their annual Christmas party, Alana Howard and Tyra Gates seconded the motion, the motion carried. The Christmas party will be held December 9.

Three committees were formed: The decoration committee consists of Kirstyn Fiala, Megan Fiala and Alana Howard. The invitation committee is Brielee Conkey and Tyra Gates. The games committee is Carter Canham, Kelsey Johnson, Marshall Johnson and Noah Johnson. Each member is to bring two gifts for the Bingo prizes.

Carter Canham led the 4-H pledge. Kirstyn Fiala moved to adjourn the meeting. Brielee Conkey and Tyra Gates seconded the motion.

Following the meeting, club members made recycled garden stakes from old spoons.

The next meeting will be the club Christmas party on December 9.

Kirstyn Fiala, Reporter