Hand-E-Hands 4-H Club

Posted October 2, 2012 at 6:01 pm

The June 10, 2012 Hand E Hands 4-H Club meeting was held at the United Methodist Church and was called to order by Vice President Carter Canham. Eight members were present. A pre-meeting craft project and snacks were provided by the Fialas. The craft projects included candles and wax fire starters. The roll call was to describe 4-H projects for this year. Pledges were led by Marshall and Noah Johnson. Lexy Gimbel read the secretary’s report and minutes approved. The treasurer’s report was given by Cy Naber. The club has $213.69. Carter read about upcoming 4-H events. Garden report was given by Marsha Howard. Megan Fiala moved to adjourn. Meeting adjourned.

July 2, 2012 Hand E Hands 4-H club meeting was held at Lake Louise. Twelve members, 10 parents and one guest attended the meeting. All members showed their completed 4-H projects. Achievement Day schedule, work assignments, and judging were discussed. Members enjoyed a picnic and then traveled to the Gimbel home for a high-tunnel tour.

August meeting was Achievement Days. Members helped prepare the fairgrounds for the county fair, helped with farmer’s market, and Achievement Day lunch stand.

The September 23rd meeting was held at the United Methodist Church, with eight members present. Pledges were led by Marshall Johnson. Megan Fiala started a pre-meeting shuffleboard activity. The roll-call was, “How did Achievement Days go?” Lexi Gimbel read the secretary’s report. No treasurer’s report was given. State Fair, judging, demonstrations and county newsletter were discussed. Demonstrations this meeting included: Kirstyn and Megan Fiala about children in sports and their diet. Carter Canham gave an educational talk on “What is lightning?”. Kelsey Johnson’s demonstration was on calories and portion size. Noah Johnson‘s demonstration was on the benefits of exercising. A demonstration about the parts of a shotgun and how they work together was presented by Marshall Johnson. Election of officers will take place at the October 14 meeting.

Marshall Johnson, Reporter