Hand County Historical Society meets at McWhorter House

Posted October 11, 2011 at 4:01 pm

The Board of Directors of the Hand County Historical Society met May 27 at 7 p.m. at the McWhorter House Museum with Deb Bushfield, Jan Deuter, Fern Droz and Connie Schroeder present.

The newspaper article about the annual meeting in March was read and approved as minutes.The treasurer’s report was not available, but $140 from a bake sale at the Master Gardener’s plant sale earlier and $70 from tour fees and donations were recorded.

Old business included discussion of the membership list and by law changes. Painting the house was again discussed. A committee of Jan, Deb and Connie was formed to contact painters, get estimates, and make a decision about paint colors. Investigation into the original color scheme will be conducted.

New business included discussion about contacting Julie Cain to clean and check the gutters and what to do about repairing the back porch. Joe Zeller will be reminded about replacing the upstairs storm window. Summer tour hours were arranged. Jenise Krick is volunteering to mow the lawn again this summer. The board expressed their appreciation for Jenise’s generous gift of time. The meeting adjourned with a walk around the exterior of the house, and discussion about the impending paint project.

The Hand County Historical Society Board met at The Virginian Sept. 6, at 6 p.m. with Deb Bushfield, Tammy Caffee, Jan Deuter, Fern Droz, Tim McMahon and Connie Schroeder present.

A “Thinking of You” card was signed for fellow board member Mary Christopherson.

The minutes of the May 27 meeting were approved as read. The treasurer’s report was also approved.

Old business included much discussion on the repairs and painting that need to be done on the house. A motion passed to have Bud Puffer make repair recommendations and to contact Doug Moncur to begin the recommended work this fall. After the research committee reported their findings, a motion passed to return to the house’s original color scheme.  Another motion passed to accept the estimate from TriState Insulation to replace all gutters on the house. The board planned a surprise appreciation dinner at The Virginian for retiring board members, Avis Chipman and Ginger VanZee.

New business included discussion about the workshop on historical prevervation techniques held at the Old Courthouse Museum in Sioux Falls attended by Connie, Jan and Deb. A motion passed to reimburse each for the workshop fee. Jan Deuter reported on the PastPerfect 5 software program that is used for recording inventory in many other museums.She will look into the feasibility of purchasing the program. A motion passed to approve the P.E.O. chapter’s request for the use of the McWhorter House for their September meeting. In other business, a discussion was held on the possibility of having one or two student board members. Several students were nominated and will be contacted about their interest in serving as a director.

It was approved to have the museum open on Friday, September 30 after the Homecoming parade. The hospital will have progress tours of their building project and the museum will emphasize the history of the first Miller hospital which began with Dr. Port McWhorter and Dr. Wheelock. A motion passed to have a Christmas open house on the evening of the community’s “Christmas on the Prairie” celebration.  Christmas cookies will be served; children’s decorations will be solicited; and arrangements for a possible story time will be investigated. Discussion then moved to the January Farm and Home Show. The board approved having a booth again, selling the Hand County History Book, “Bring on the Pioneers,” and collecting memberships. The meeting adjourned after dinner.