Hand County 4-Hers exhibit at Summer Spotlight

Posted August 30, 2012 at 3:56 pm

The 2012 South Dakota Summer Spotlight Youth Livestock Show was held in July at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds in Huron.

According to SDSU Extension 4-H Youth Livestock Show Management Coordinator Rod Geppert, numbers of livestock, exhibitors, spectators, campers and livestock industry leaders were up compared to years past and resulted in a rewarding experience for the youth and families involved in this annual event.

“The South Dakota Summer Spotlight is designed to highlight South Dakota’s youth involved in livestock and provide them with opportunities to showcase their talents with beef, sheep, swine and meat goats,” Geppert said.

Geppert also shares that the event is a great opportunity for young people and adults to comingle with elite livestock producers, friends, relatives and ag-related business people that support the event.

State 4-H Livestock Judging contest

The State 4-H Livestock Judging contest brought 278 youth from across the state together. Seniors evaluated seven classes and gave four sets of reasons, Juniors judged six classes and gave two sets of reasons, and Beginners had four classes with one set of questions along with goat and cattle parts ID.

Contest Officials included Dr. Clint Rusk, SDSU Livestock Judging Team Members, Barry Callies, Donnie Begalka, Leann Henry and Lacie Hoffman.

Hand County 4-Hers who placed were:

Shannon Duxbury – Senior Individual Beef, 4th; Senior High Individual Overall, 16th , Senior summary, 390

Samantha Rogers – Senior High Individual Overall, 53rd, Senior summary, 353

Kirstyn Fiala – Senior High Individual Overall, 83rd, Senior summary, 308 points

Mitchell Van Zee, Senior High Individual Overall, 91st, 268 points

Senior High Team Overall – 15th place – Kirstyn Fiala, Mitchell Van Zee, Samantha Rogers, Shannon Duxbury

Carter Canham – Junior High Individual Overall, 77th; Junior summary, 275

Erin Moncur – Beginner High Individual Overall, 51st, Beginner summary, 204