Hammill is ‘Shining Star’ at Good Samaritan

Posted June 28, 2013 at 3:21 pm

Pleasant Valley Church was in charge of the worship service Sunday, June 16. Pastor Glenn Stewart led singing. His wife, Sharon, helped pass out books, and Laela Van Zee was the accompanist.

Pastor Stewart gave a message on prayer, using Matthew 6:9-13 as an outline for how to pray. He emphasized that, “praying is important and is something we all can do.”


Good Samaritan Society, Miller

Deb Cermak volunteered her time to do toenail care Monday afternoon. You are greatly appreciated, Deb.

Monday afternoon, small group residents sat outside, talked about flowers and watched Kevin Hofer make homemade ice cream, which was then eaten.

Father Chester Murtha, St. Ann Catholic Church, celebrated Mass Tuesday morning.

A resident council was also held Tuesday morning. Residents selected Jean Hammill as July’s Shining Star of the Month. Congratulations, Jean.

Bingo helpers Tuesday afternoon were Dorothy Engelmann, Kaye Fawcett, Carolyn Johnsen, Maylou Oakley, LaVonne Puffer, Doris Schultz, Annette Snodgrass, Charlotte Taylor and Janice Wilbur.

Maylou Oakley led Rosary Wednesday morning. Men’s Coffee was also served that morning.

Sue Jones led a Bible study on “laughter with the Lord” on Wednesday afternoon. Scripture was taken from Ecclesiastes 3:4 and Proverbs 15:13, 17:22. She also read two selections from the book, “Laughter for a Woman’s Soul:” “He’s Looking at You” by Sheila Walsh and “Laughter with the Lord” by Barbara Johnson.

Card games were played Wednesday evening.

Shawn Fernholz’s Junior Girl Scout troop painted fingernails and had tea and banana bread with residents Thursday morning. All involved had a great time, and the women are showing off some spectacular looking nails. Nice job, girls.

Residents watched Hand In Hand Daycare children blow bubbles on the front lawn during intergenerational time Thursday afternoon. Residents blew a few bubbles of their own as well, but they preferred watching the children blowing and “catching” bubbles.

Raw veggies and dip were passed out for snacks during social time Thursday afternoon. In the evening, board games were played.

Reading time was held Friday morning.

Residents enjoyed a picnic on the back lawn during noon-hour Friday. Large raindrops drove some inside, but the rain didn’t last and several stayed outside to finish their meal. Why is it that food seems to taste so much better when eaten outside? Big appreciative hugs to Maylou Oakley, who helped residents during the picnic.

We spent more than an hour in the hallways Friday afternoon during our “tornado drill.” We are thankful for safety.

Several residents bought items from the “Senior Shop” Friday afternoon. The Senior Shop specializes in adaptive clothing and other items for seniors.

The movie, “True Grit,” starring Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin, was shown Saturday afternoon.

Inspirational quote of the week: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” ~ Tebzub Gyatso