Greg Feenstra named One of the 2012 SD Master Pork Producers

Posted February 19, 2013 at 4:16 pm

Greg Feenstra of Huron was named as one of the five 2012 SD Master Pork Producers at the 44th Annual SD Pork Congress held in Sioux Falls on January 9th. Feenstra is the Wean-to-Finish Manager for Heartland Pork of Alpena, SD, and on a day-to-day basis, oversees 30,000 pigs on 7 different sites.

Greg Feenstra (left) receiving the Master Pork Producers award.psd

Greg received the honor for the high level of performance of the pigs under his care, as well as his animal husbandry and environmental stewardship skills. Feenstra said getting high quality, healthy pigs is a key to good production and he credits Heartland Pork’s exceptional biosecurity program as a key to having a healthy herd.

Feenstra also credits Stan’s Feed in Alpena four providing an excellent nutritional program. The farms use four different nursery diets and nine different finishing diets to optimize pig performance and minimize nutrient excretion. The results of his hard work are evident in his performance figures. During the finishing phase, the pigs gain 1.99 lbs per day and only require 2.79 lbs of feed per pound of gain.

Feenstra said he’s learned from all the bosses he’s had, and always tries to keep learning by reading about the latest technologies involved with swine production. He also believes that you need to surround yourself with good people. Feenstra emphasizes keeping the building sites looking neat and clean, and encourages the planting of trees. Greg’s advice to others in the swine industry is “to work hard and strive to be the best”.

Others receiving the 2012 award include Ryan and Amy Storm (Mt. Vernon), Paul Glanzer, Greenwood Colony (Delmont), Matt & Jared Storm (Ethan), and Paul Waldner, Hillcrest Colony (Garden City).

The SD Master Pork Producers organization is comprised of allied industry members who have the goals of recognizing outstanding pork producers and promoting pork production in SD. The producers are judged on performance records, management level, environmental stewardship, and industry activities.