Great-grandmas take delight in newcomers Miller Manor 3-20-13

Posted March 19, 2013 at 4:54 pm

Last week’s news:

Dorothy Stevens recently became a great-grandma again, when twin grand-babies came into the world March 3, 2013. Dorothy’s great-granddaughter, Lauryn Lee Stevens, weighed 7 lbs., 6 oz., and was 19 ¼ inches long. Her little great-grandson, Chad Kenneth Stevens, weighed 5 lbs., 14 oz., and was 19 inches long. Dorothy reports that both babies are healthy, and doing fine. They both have a lot of dark hair. Dorothy is looking forward to seeing them.


Miller Manor News

Brett and Roxanne Stevens, Highmore, are the babies’ parents. Ken and Chris Stevens are their paternal grandparents.

Sunday, March 3, Virginia Burgher, Nancy Williams and Lucille Schaefbauer attended the fireman’s soup dinner.

Virginia Burgher, Patty Crackel, Sue Jones and Nancy Williams had supper together at a local restaurant Friday evening, March 8.

Saturday evening, March 9, family and friends of Marilyn Meehan gathered at 5 p.m. in the Manor community room to help her celebrate her 80th birthday.

This week’s news:

Chris Stevens and her grandson, Carter Christiansen, Watertown, visited Dorothy Stevens Thursday. Carter, who is in kindergarten, was spending the weekend with Ken and Chris Stevens. He told his great-grandma Dorothy that he was going to visit the “ranch,” because there were cows on a ranch.

A resident’s meeting was held Thursday evening in the Manor community room. Mary McCartney, president, opened the meeting with a short prayer. Lloyd Schwartz presented a treasurer’s report. Several items were on the agenda. The first and foremost was the election of new officers for our resident’s board for 2013. Helen Dalton requested her resignation from the board. The entire slate of officers, except the person to take Helen’s place, was re-elected. The 2013 officers are as follows: Mary McCartney, president; Paula Davis, vice president; Wilfred Faust, secretary; Lloyd Schwartz, treasurer; and Dorothy Stevens, member-at-large.

Discussion was held on whether to continue our monthly potlucks, and what time to have Bingo. It was voted unanimously to continue having potluck dinners, which are held the second Saturday of every month except December. It was voted to change time for Bingo to 1:30 p.m. Those present showed appreciation to Helen Dalton for serving on the board, and all her hard work.

Late Friday morning, Virginia Burgher and Elaine Roeber went to Huron together for the purpose of business. En route to Huron, they stopped at Wolsey to have lunch at a restaurant.

Granddaughter Misty Christiansen and great-granddaughter, Kennedy, visited Grandma Dorothy Stevens Friday evening.

Sympathy and prayers are extended to the family of Dessie Price.

Get well wishes to Edna Hochhalter and Mary Alice Vaughn, who are both in the hospital.

We have had to say farewell to two of our residents, Marge Faust and Dennis Glanzer, who have both gone to the nursing home. We will miss them, but we wish them well.

Our appreciation to the family of Don Canham for the beautiful floral wreath, which we received following his service.

Welcome back to Mary McCartney, who has been visiting family and friends the past 2 ½ months.

Mary was in Washington and Oregon most of January and February. Kim and Cathy McCartney took Mary to Dallsport, Wash. While there, Lauren McCartney visited her a couple of weekends, and Creighton McCartney came to visit one weekend.

Next, Kim and Cathy took Mary to Dalles, Oregon. Mary’s friend, Allison Nolz, came to see her one Saturday. They ate at a café overlooking the Columbia River. They also took a historic tour of the town.

Kim, Cathy and Mary traveled on to Kings City, Ore. While there, Mary visited Doug and Stephanie McKenzie. She also met her two-year-old great-grandson, Connor McKenzie, for the first time.

While in Washington, Mary became a great-great grandma for the first time. Her great-great grandson, Ronorian Charles, was born February 7, 2013. His parents are Chris and Jessica Charles from Mesa, Arizona. While Mary didn’t get to meet Ronorian in person, she did get to see pictures of him on Spacebook.

Kim, Cathy and Mary’s final destination took them to Rock Springs, Wyo. While there, Mary visited her son, Gene McCartney, and grandchildren and great-grandchildren. She saw her great-granddaughter, Corey, for the first time. Corey is 1 ½ years old.

Mary made some memories while visiting family. However, it definitely was a highlight seeing and meeting her great-grandchildren, Connor and Corey, for the first time.

Great-grandmas take delight in newcomers