Goodall retires after a quarter of a century (plus one)

Posted February 21, 2013 at 12:12 pm

Rosemary Goodall, after working for Carr Chiropractic Clinic for 26 years, has taken the “big step.” She is now officially retired.

According to her employers, she will be sorely missed.

Rosemary Goodall.jpg

Ruth Moller | The Miller Press
Rosemary Goodall, pictured with doctors Nicholson and Carr, is headed to retirement.

Dr. John Carr commented, “We’ve been in the chiropractic business for 50-plus years. Rosemary has worked with three generations of our family, as well as with Dr. Larry Nicholson.”

Rosemary said she was a patient, her kids were patients, and the clinic had the need for a chiropractic assistant.

Carr said, “We saw her as a ‘perfect fit.’ She had the qualities to be a great assistant, and she was also great with patients.”

“I started at the little clinic,” Goodall explained, referring to what is now the State Farm Insurance building. “I liked it there. I’ve always enjoyed working with the patients and the staff.”

Over the years, Goodall worked as a receptionist part of the time. But she also took vitals, blood pressure, patient histories, and learned to operate the therapy machines.

She was instrumental in getting the Faulkton and Kimball satellite clinics up and running. She worked at the Faulkton clinic for 20 years, and at Kimball for 14 years.

Nickelson added she was the only therapist that came to Kimball, while two went to the Faulkton office.

“It’s just been a pleasure to work with Rosemary,” said Nickelson. “She was fun and upbeat, and she was dedicated to her work and the clinic. She was always ready to travel the miles to our satellite clinics, too.”

“We’ve been blessed to have a lot of long-term employees,” Carr noted. “We have a good mix of employees, and Rosemary has been one of the best. She’s been more than an employee-she’s been a friend.”

In addition to quickly grasping the requirements of her position, Carr says Goodall easily adjusted to the ever-changing requirements over the years regarding health record-keeping.

Open houses have already been held in Faulkton and Kimball in honor of Goodall’s retirement. An in-house farewell is also upcoming in Miller.

The “retiree” is planning to spend more with family (two daughters, five granddaughters). She says she also likes to quilt and bake, and she and husband Lyle enjoy traveling, camping and riding motorcycles.

Dr. John Carr wishes Rosemary a great retirement, but added, “Just think how many she has helped over the 26 years. She has been a wonderful caregiver.”