Good weather for first day of hunting Ree Heights 10-23-13

Posted October 22, 2013 at 5:46 pm

The weather this past week makes you think that winter will be coming before long. The days and nights were cool with frost getting on part of the vegetation. The tomatoes look okay but the cucumbers got a light frost on them. We had our cucumbers put in very late this year and they are just producing now. The rain this past week has been good but it has slowed down the harvest as they were not able to get into the field for most of the week. We had rain for several days.

Pheasant season starts today (October 19) with the hunters coming from out of state. Most of the usual ones are here for the beginning. They say that even with the pheasants being down they mainly come for the visiting and the fun of getting out for a change of pace in their life.


Ree Heights

Delton and Carole Beck visited Friday evening at the Jeff and Margie Parmely home with the hunters that are at the Parmely home: Jeremy and Ally Williams, Minn.; Gene,Tammy and Jason Williams, Piedmont, S.D; and Bruce and Keith Weyrich and friend, Sturgis.

This is a beautiful day for the first day of hunting. The temperature is into the 40s to 50s with a light breeze.

Good weather for
first day of hunting