Good attendance for potluck Friendship Center 11-21-12

Posted November 20, 2012 at 4:56 pm

Good attendance for potluck

We had a very nice turn-out for the potluck dinner on November 15, with good food and fellowship.


Friendship Center

Pool and snooker news starts this way: “Monday, Nov.12 was a great day for pool and friendship, as the competition was as good as it gets! King Don Soper and Dr. Jim DeGeest were a formidable team against George Engelmann and Jesse Hammer. The 8-ball games see-sawed back and forth until Engelmann and Hammer forged ahead to win the 8-ball series seven games to four. Not to be denied, Soper and DeGeest came roaring back to win the final game and the ‘Championship of the World’ game, just like the true champions they are. The only consolation Engelmann and Hammer had was that they were the over-all champions for the day! Final score was seven games for Engelmann-Hammer and five for Soper-DeGeest. What a great day everyone had.”

November 13 was a great day for the team of Joe Oligmueller and Warren Skinner as they up-staged the George Mogel-Jesse Hammer team. “Hammer and Mogle finally met their Waterloo as Oligmueller and Skinner sailed full steam ahead to sink the ship of Mogle and Hammer. They won the daily 8-ball series six games to three. They had some help from Arnold Johnson (who joined them after lunch) and took Skinner’s place for one game. Johnson won the game by making a fantastic bank-shot in the corner pocket! You still got it, Arnold. Come back soon as you are always welcome.” However, the team of Mogle and Hammer came back to win the final game and the ‘Championship of the World’ game, thanks to a great shot by Mogle.”

November 15, George Engelmann and George Mogle took on Joe Oligmeuller and Warren Skinner and got 8-balled in the only game of 8-ball played that day. “The play moved to the Snooker table with the arrival of Charlotte Evans and Marvin VanDerWerff, who come each Thursday. In the Snooker game, the first game was a ‘last ball’ winner for the Oligmueller-Skinner team. Yahoo! The second game was a ‘missin’, scratchin’ game, or ‘I’ll be darned I missed again’ type game and down to the 7-ball we went only to find out that the rack-up points side we had didn’t hold enough points on Oligmueller and Skinner, so we lost by the last ball! Have a great Thanksgiving.”

November 21: Cards

November 22: Closed for Thanksgiving day

November 23-24-26: Cards of choice

November 27: Rummy

November 28: Cards of choice

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