Gathering to share Thanks-giving Polo-Orient 11-28-12

Posted November 27, 2012 at 6:27 pm

Thanksgiving Day began in Polo with Father Murtha driving out from Miller to celebrate the 8:30 a.m. Mass at St. Liborius. November’s special family day for the communities which both have been writing their history for over 100 years. Making the trip back home to Orient and Polo is what Thanksgiving family gatherings are all about, even though the emphasis is easily side tracked to the dinner table and all the “food and fixins” that are also an important part of the holiday.

Jim Peterson, Fruitdale, S.D. was in Polo last week to visit his mother, Helen Peterson, and sister Cheryl and Fred Schaefers and family.



De Schaefers arrived in from Anchorage, Alaska November 16 to visit Lloyd and Bonnie Boyd in Orient and Jack and JoAnn Schaefers, Polo. Her sister Sam Pugh, Sioux Falls, met her at the plane and they came to spend the week visiting in Orient and Redfield before retuning to Sioux Falls for Thanksgiving in the Sam and Doug Pugh home before De returned to Alaska.

Several from the community were in Redfield to attend the November 13 funeral of Carl Anderson, age 94, father of Trixie (Anderson) Schlechter and Father Terry Anderson, former Faulkton, Orient and Polo parish priest.

The St. Liborius Altar Society cookie exchange will be held Sunday afternoon, December 2 at 4 p.m. in Mary’s Room. Everyone is invited to come join the afternoon festivities and bring a friend. The sign-up sheet is in the back of church for the third annual Christmas cookie exchange.

Ryan and Becky Schaefer, Grant, Claire and Max, Sioux Falls, spent the weekend of November 17 with his parents, Ken and Pam Schaefer, for an early Thanksgiving and some deer hunting.

Cory and Colleen Leer, Milton, Fla., and Jack and JoAnn Schaefers visited in the Doug and Darla Schaefers home in Huron last week. Desiree Schaefers and Sam McPhee were home from college in Minneapolis, Dixie Schaefers and Dustin DeWaard from college in Mitchell and Danae from college in Milwaukee. Joining them for supper were Derek Schaefers and Danielle and Scott Phillips, Kiera and Keeghan of Huron.

Camille Dunnick and Braden, Sioux Falls, were home for the weekend at the Schaefers. Saturday, Colleen, Camille and JoAnn went to Faulkton to attend the 90th birthday open house for Dorothy Huss at the Community Center and to visit Irene Cordts and all the relatives who gathered for the birthday party.

Mike and Ann Schaefer took Maylou Schaefer, Miller, to Brookings a week ago to attend the play “Away in the Basement.” They were dinner guests of Rod and Deb Schaefer and Kyle.

Mary Ann Beidler visited Brian and Audumn Beidler, Payton, Falyn and Evvy in Aberdeen Thanksgiving Day. They were dinner guests of Audumn’s grandparents, Charles and Judy Beaner in Aberdeen.

On Saturday, Nov. 24, Mary Ann Beidler joined the Marilyn and Gary Campbell family in Frankfort for their Thanksgiving dinner. Other guests included their children, Tony and Stacy Campbell and Sydney, Lake Norden, and Jessica and Colin Duffy and Teddy, Platte, and Gary’s mother JoAnn Campbell and Lyle Newman, Huron.

Helen Peterson, Fred and Cheryl Schaefers, and Paul Schaefers were Thanksgiving guests in the Rick Martinmaas home. Rick and Patty’s other guests included Jesse Martinmaas and Heather (Rogers) and Matt Poindexter, all of Sioux Falls, and Scott Martinmaas, Aberdeen.

Thanksgiving Day, Maylou Oakley accompanied Mike and Ann Schaefer to Sioux Falls to spend the day with Scott and Kristina Schaefer, Olivia and Harper. They were joined by Kelvin and Carol Grey, Kathy and Brad.

Chad and Trixie Schlechter, Xavier, Jacob and Hannah hosted Thanksgiving for their families, including Patty Anderson, Redfield; Father Terry Anderson, Huron; Lornie Schlechter, Terry and Mary Schlechter, John, Ellen and Grace, Al Schlechter, Nick and Isabella and Julie Holida, Josh and Nathan, Hayti. Tara Schlechter visited family in Nebraska for Thanksgiving.

Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving, Mary and Terry Schlechter hosted a happy hour for the Schlechter family. Sam Aesoph, Jack and Alex joined the Schlechters for food and festivities on the eve of the holiday.

David and Diana Runge, Wessington, hosted Thanksgiving dinner for the Kolda family. Attending were Shane and Becca Runge, Brookings; Lucille Kolda, Leon and Barb Kolda, Drew Kolda, Erv and Tena Kolda, Natalee and Nathan, all of Polo; Dean and Rema Kolda, Macey and Morgan, St. Lawrence; Lee and Shanna Kolda and Colby, Miller; and Steve Runge, Wessington.

Jim Ortmeier and son Jim went to Aberdeen to spend Thanksgiving with Jeff and Patty Mitchell and their children, Taylor Mitchell and Jessica Mitchell, both of Sioux Falls. Other guests were Curt and Cathy Walker and Casey, Aberdeen, Dan Mitchell, Onida, and his son Alex, Aberdeen.

Gary and Kim Rodine and Emma, Oakes, N.D., spent Thanksgiving with Rick Schaefers. On Thanksgiving Day they joined Lisa Aalbers, Wessington, and Patrick and Emily Schaefers and Jenna for dinner at Jerome and Tammie Schaefers’ home.

Jan Martinmaas was in Rock Rapids, Minn. last week to babysit with her grandchildren, Korryn, Sam and Henry Christensen and spend the Thanksgiving holiday with daughter Jill and Justin Christensen.

Joni Martinmaas was home from school in North Dakota the week before Thanksgiving and joined her father Rick for a trip to the Black Hills for the West River deer season opener.

Ray and Becky Martinmaas hosted Thanksgiving Day for her son Josh and Honey Berg, Shelby and Becky Jo from Minnesota and granddaughter Taylor from college in Vermillion, Randy Martinmaas and Lonnie Martinmaas and several friends and hunters. Thanksgiving turkey isn’t the only tradition for Becky since it coincides with the deer season, which means “Taxidermy Becky” gets very busy mounting many of the hunters’ deer.

Cele Schmidt was a guest of Esther Cooper for Thanksgiving at the Faulkton Healthcare.

Ken and Mary Ogan, Blunt, and Duane Schaefers, Cavour, were Thanksgiving Day guests of Myron and Joyce Wieseler and Kevin.

Ken and Pam Schaefer were Thanksgiving guests in the Earl and Sheila Sprague home in Redfield with their children, Jeremy and Theresa Sprague, Madison, and Dulcey Sprague, Wyoming, their daughter, Jessie Glodrey, Morgan and Logan, Aberdeen, and her brother Larry and Sharon Eldeen and Jon, Redfield.

Mark Schaefers and Katie Eschenbaum, Miller, and Karen and Katie Schaefers from S.D. School of Mines in Rapid City were home for Thanksgiving with their parents, Joe and Chris Schaefers.

Bob Schaefer spent Thanksgiving with Herman and Linda Kindle in Pierre and their daughters, Kim and Kevin Knachreiner, Konner and Karson, Shakopee, Minn., and Michelle and Tom Skoog, Grace, Hope and Tom Jr., Rapid City.

Thanksgiving news will be continued in next week’s local papers.

Gathering to share Thanks-giving