Gann Valley highlights are fireworks, summer dance-Gann Valley

Posted July 10, 2013 at 12:00 am

Gann Valley’s 4th of July concluded with a grand fireworks display by Dustin Wee, Mitchell, at the David and Judy Gaulke residence.  Several area residents enjoyed a great show.

Evelyn Wulff, Charity Wulff and Amanda, and Susan Hoarty attended the 4th of July parade held in Wessington Springs.


Gann Valley

Ellen Speck accompanied Lucille Feenstra to Sturgis to attend the committal services of their cousin, Jerry Johnson. They spent a few days visiting with relatives in Rapid City. They also toured the Fort Meade Historical Museum and watched the National Guard officers in training in formation lower the flag at sunset.

A Gann Valley Summer Dance was held Saturday night at the Fire Hall with great music by the South Hand Band. Arch Beal sponsored the dance. A wagon train, which originated at Mark Reindl’s, came to Gann Valley and camped outside of town. Many of the participants attended the dance.

Gene Stanford of Madison was a Sunday overnight guest in the Gene and Carol Grabin home. Monday morning the two Genes headed for the Black Hills to do some camping and fishing.

Evelyn Wulff joined Gen Wooledge for supper Friday evening.   Afterwards they watched the fireworks on Main Street.

Kevin and Crystal Wulff, Kristian and Tucker and a friend, Jayden, were Gann Valley weekend visitors.

Evelyn Wulff accompanied Ken and Elaine Wulff to Mitchell where they met JoAnne Pickner, Elaine’s sister, Mary Ann Atteberry, of Columbia, Missouri, Alice Biesma, of Avon, cousins Betty Adam, of Yankton, and Marlo and Ruth Biesma, of Tyndall, at a café for supper and a reunion chat.

Sunday evening brought about 10 hundredths of rain, which was welcome. Temperatures seem to be gradually climbing.

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Gann Valley highlights are fireworks, summer dance