Gann Valley folks travel far and wide for Thanksgiving Gann Valley 12-5-12

Posted December 5, 2012 at 4:09 pm

Gann Valley folks travel far and wide for Thanksgiving

Linda Ness hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for her family. Attending were Lee and Sasha Ness, Swayze, Shayda and Synch; David and LaRae Natvig, Cassie, Carlie, Catie and Kimber and a friend, Clarence, of Florida; Neil and Laurie Ann Beauchamp, Tyler and Paige.


Gann Valley

 Gene and Carol Grabin were Thanksgiving dinner guests in the Patrick and Jennifer Cuka home near Sioux Falls.

Evelyn Wulff joined Wes and Charity Wulff for Thanksgiving Day dinner.

Ellen Speck was a Thanksgiving dinner guest in the Rich and Ellie Cotton home at St. Lawrence. That evening she babysat her grandsons in the Shannon and JodySpeck home in St. Lawrence.

David and Judy Gaulke traveled to California to spend Thanksgiving with their son and family, returning home on the following Tuesday.

JoAnne Pickner and Kody, of Mitchell, and Janet Wulff, C. J. Wulff, and Kevin and Crystal Wulff, Kristian and Tucker, all of Sioux Falls, spent Thanksgiving Day in the Ken and Elaine Wulff home.

Thanksgiving guests in the Juanita Sinkie home were George and Barb Sinkie, Josh and Amber Sinkie, Brynna and Cassidy, Josiah Sinkie, Connor, Aidan, Gillian and Shamus, Jeremiah Sinkie and Cody Horton, all of Mitchell.

Gene and Carol Grabin and Patrick and Jennifer Cuka and family watched the Parade of Lights in Sioux Falls Friday night.

Linda Ness joined Keith Bridge and Kerry and Sunghee Bridge out for supper Wednesday evening.

Monsignor Burian of Hawarden, Iowa said Mass at St. Placidus Church on Saturday.  Lunch and visiting followed the service.

Evelyn Wulff visited at the Darlene Fousek home Friday night with Ron and Edith Wittrock and Doug and Barb Schleder.

Gene and Carol Grabin visited at the Patrick and Jennifer Cuka home on Saturday. Carol and Jennifer attended a demonstration party while Gene visited with the grandkids.

Saturday, Nov. 24, Linda Ness visited at the Carol Heath home in Kimball.

Ellen Speck visited in the Shannon and Jody Speck home Sunday in St. Lawrence.

Saturday, Evelyn Wulff, Dylan, Ciara and Amanda Wulff attended the Candy Cane Carnival at Kimball.

Linda Ness attended the funeral services for Vern Stevens in Kimball on Saturday. 

Gene and Carol Grabin attended a spaghetti supper hosted by Gene and Gloria Fastnacht for a Haiti fundraiser on Sunday.

Friday, Linda Ness visited in the Pat and Jeannie Cummings home in Pukwana. 

Ken and Elaine Wulff left Friday for a trip to Dayton, Wyoming, to visit in the Robert and Berdie Wulff home. While there, Ken and Cody each shot an elk.   Ken and Elaine returned home on Tuesday.

Carol Grabin and Twila Zastrow enjoyed some quilting at the Sonia Schelske home on Wednesday.

Linda Ness watched the Parade of Lights in Chamberlain Friday evening and stopped at the David and LaRae Natvig home in Kimball to wish Kimber a happy eighth birthday.

Thursday, Carol Grabin visited with Jim and Belle Hinrichs at their home in Woonsocket.

Linda Ness stopped at the White Lake Nursing Home on Saturday to see Ruth Geppert and her daughter Doris Erwin, who was visiting.

Kevin and Crystal Wulff and boys came to Gann Valley the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and stayed until Sunday before returning home to Sioux Falls.

Robin Knigge, White Lake, visited in the David and Judy Gaulke home Sunday.

Linda Ness joined a bus tour to Sioux Falls to see a theater show, a supper, and the lights at Falls Park.

The Gann Valley area has been enjoying some beautiful weather. Sunday broke some heat records around the state. The Christmas spirit and season is on display in Gann Valley at the Grabin’s house and lawn, all decorated with Christmas lights and scenery.