FSAUPDATE 10-10-12

Posted October 10, 2012 at 5:30 pm


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Remove CRP hay bales by October 1

As a condition of the special CRP haying authorized under the Managed and Emergency Haying Provisions, producers agreed to remove the hay bales by the November 15th deadline. The FSA office will be conducting spot checks to ensure compliance with this regulation.

Current state policy dictates that bales put up on CRP must be removed by October 1, 2012. Due to continuing drought conditions, fire dangers, harvesting pressures, lack of hay movers etc., the State FSA Committee has provided extension authority to the county offices. County Executive Directors shall have the authority to grant an extension to remove bales from CRP acreages to a later date not to exceed November 15, 2012.

If you wish to get an extension, a written request stating the reasons you need an extended time period must be submitted to the local county FSA office.

CRP, DCP payments to be issued

County FSA offices will soon begin issuing annual payments in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). Final payments from the Direct and Counter-Cyclical Program (DCP) will begin the second week of October. Producers should watch the mail for the payment statements that will be issued by our Kansas City processing center. The process by which we issue both CRP and DCP payments was changed last year.

The producer Disbursement Transaction Statement (DTS) will have a new look this year. If you remember, last year there was a DTS printed for each payment for each program – and at the beginning they were all sent in separate envelopes. Progress was made when all of the individual statements were then mailed in one envelope.

With the implementation of the revised DTS, a producer will receive summary information displaying totals for program payments and detailed information for each program payment. For questions on the payments received or how they are listed on the Disbursement Transaction Statement, call the local Hand County FSA Office at 605-853-2410, Ext.2 or the Hyde County FSA Office at 605-852-2222, Ext. 2.