FSA UPDATE 10-17-12

Posted October 16, 2012 at 4:01 pm

No 2013 Farm Bill passed

As most of you already aware, legislation has not been passed for a new Farm Bill. I believe it has been in the news enough that the legislation proposed by the House Ag Committee has not been taken to the floor of the House for consideration. The current Farm Bill expired on September 30.

Therefore, the FSA currently has no programs to begin for crop year 2013. However, that doesn’t mean there is nothing to be done. If a producer has any changes to report regarding land changes, for example; new land bought or sold, new leases for rented ground…or anything that changes the structure of the farms you previously operated in 2012 – please report that to the local county office. Farm records must be current and up to date, so that when a new Farm Bill is passed everything is ready to go for signup in the new programs.

The FSA office is not accepting new requests to enroll land into the CRP program. Until we know what the new Farm Bill includes, we cannot start the enrollment process.

New acreage reporting dates for 2013

Producers of perennial forage (for grazing and hay) and any fall-seeded small grains must submit their 2013 acreage report (crop certification) for those crops to the Farm Service Agency and to their crop insurance agent by November 15th, 2012. This change is part of an initiative at the national level to align acreage reporting dates between FSA and the Risk Management Agency (RMA), and to reduce the crop reporting burden on producers.

Currently proposed Farm Bill legislation continues the crop certification requirements. Crop acreage reports are essential to maintaining eligibility for multiple FSA program benefits and establishing a record of historical cropping. Timely acreage reporting maintains a producer’s eligibility for traditional conservation, price support and production program benefits. Crop reports are also a requirement for critical disaster program assistance.

Contact your local FSA office with questions or to schedule an acreage certification appointment. Maps will not be sent prior to your appointment. The staff is currently processing any changes that have been made from previous years. We will print out the needed maps when you arrive to complete your certification process.


Mary Johnson, CED