FSA UPDATE 1-16-13

Posted January 16, 2013 at 11:02 am

The FSA County Offices will be closed on Monday, January 21st in honor of the MARTIN LUTHER KING HOLIDAY.

What does extended Farm Bill mean?

Producers have been stopping into the local FSA offices asking what programs are available for sign up at this time. The short and sweet answer is there are NONE. But further explanation is necessary.

As part of the fiscal cliff package that was passed last week, Congress cobbled together an extension of the nation’s Farm Bill that keeps many, but not all, of the country’s agricultural and food programs sputtering along until September. But at this time, the local FSA offices do not have details about what that will mean for our programs. Some of what I have read says that the programs have been extended but not necessarily funded. The result is now a piecemeal approach via the fiscal cliff deal by picking and choosing which programs get continued funding, others that will have only discretionary funding and some that are cut out altogether.

This viewpoint has NOT come from the FSA national office. It is mine and mine only….based upon what I have read from various news sources. Therefore, there are no current programs to sign up for such as DCP/ACRE or CRP – because we must wait for further information on what the rules will be and to get new current forms.

2013 NAP sales closing date

NAP stands for Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program. NAP is an independent program from the Farm Bill and is an ongoing program. Producers may want to seriously consider purchasing NAP coverage as we face the shortage of moisture that we are experiencing. NAP is a program to cover any crops that are not covered by RMA crop insurance. The most commonly covered crops in our counties include perennial forage (for grazing and hay), forage millet, rye and sweet sorghum.

The sales closing date for all spring seeded crops & perennial forage is March 15, 2013

Producers of perennial forage (for grazing and hay) and any fall-seeded small grains must submit their 2013 acreage report (crop certification) for those crops to the Farm Service Agency and to their crop insurance agent by November 15, 2012. This change is part of an initiative at the national level to align acreage reporting dates between FSA and the Risk Management Agency (RMA), and to reduce the crop reporting burden on producers. So when you come in to the office to purchase NAP coverage, you should be prepared to report all your grass fields if this has not already been done.


Mary Johnson, CED