From the Publishers: 'It’s not my job!!'

Posted June 13, 2013 at 11:31 am

“It’s not my job!!”

The most upsetting words I believe I have ever heard. As we just went through the Memorial Day event, I spent a few hours watching John Wayne movies on TV. The greatest generation never said, “It’s not my job.”

My grandfather was too old to be part of the greatest generation. He lived through the Great Depression and had five children and a wife to take care of during that time. His greatest accomplishment was having a job. It did not have to be the most prestigious job but he made it that way. He made that job his and when it was done the whole job was done.

I believe in helping those less fortunate than ourselves. It is the Christian way. But that being said, currently living off the handouts of other, or parents or grandparents is the way to do things.

I talk to many different business owners in the area and out of area. Getting and keeping good employees is the hardest part of the job.

Having a job, a career, a means of taking care of one’s self, should be of upmost importance. Instead of being honored by the boss trusting you with more responsibility it becomes “It’s not my job!!’ I have heard this from individuals from 15-50 so it is not just the younger generation. It is the “you have to take care of me,” or the “you owe me generation.”

Bosses don’t give paychecks – employees earn them, and just being there for eight hours does not constitute earning of a paycheck.

If I sit in a tractor for eight hours, will the Lord bless me with a crop? No, I have to actually use that tractor to plant the field. Then I may get a crop, and the same needs to be said for a paycheck.

“Miller has Jobs” was a promotion done by On Hand Development last year, we still have jobs and we need workers to fill these jobs. Businesses in the area have had to close because of lack of motivated and competent workers.

Area Businesses looking for motivated hard working employees can be found at Miller Press classifieds and