Friendship Center plans December 20 potluck Friendship Center 12-19-12

Posted December 18, 2012 at 5:54 pm

Friendship Center plans December 20 potluck

The main event for this week at Friendship Center is the potluck dinner at noon Thursday, Dec. 20. Please bring a non-perishable donation for the Food Pantry as well as the usual potluck dish. After the meal we will have a” fun time” with “play money.” Also bring something to “sell.” Some of us brought items last month, which were kept until this dinner. Come join us for dinner and fun. Card games will follow.


Friendship Center

Now to pool-Snooker news.

Dec. 4: Once again the foursome of Arnold Johnson, Bob Slunecka, Warren Skinner and Jesse Hammer squared-off in the 8-ball pool competition. The partners this time were Arnold and Bob vs. Warren and Jesse. Johnson and Slunecka won the first two games. Then they gave Skinner and Hammer two gifts, to tie the score at two games each. At the 3 o’clock coffee break it was tied 3 to 3. The coffee must have super-charged Warren and Jesse, as they won the next two games to win the daily 8-ball crown, five games to three. Arnold and Bob had one last chance to redeem themselves, but in the final “championship of the world” game, it came down to the wire as Hammer made the final 8-ball for the win. All of the players really shot quite well and kept the games really close. Final score; Skinner and Hammer six, and Johnson and Slunecka three.

Dec. 5: Snooker news: A shoot-out again at the “Ole Snooker Corral.” Bob Slunecka and Warren Skinner played two games, and it was a “last ball standing” at the end, and Skinner went out with his cue stick a blazing!

Dec. 6: George Mogle and Merv Mewes shot to a 5-3 lead before Bob Slunecka came back to be a “HERO” to take the “W.P.P” championship. Congrats from his partner, and their day is over and history!

Dec. 10: Welcome to Phil Testerman to the Friendship Center pool gang. However, on this day Phil got hooked up on the loosing team. Not at all his fault. Phil and Jesse Hammer gave it the “old college try” but ended up losing the “championship of the world” game to the sharp shooting team of Jim DeGeest and “the dead-eye Most Improved” player Bob Slunecka. At the end of the daily 8-ball series the score was tied six games to six. In a thriller, Jim and Bob won the “Lucky”13th game to win the 8-ball championship honors and bragging rights for the day. The star was DeGeest. He came out of medical retirement and did some operating on the pool balls. With precision he surgically sliced the 8-ball into the pocket to win four of the seven games that he and his partner Bob won.

Dec 11: The highlight of the day was the “shot heard around the world” by Arnold Johnson. To set the shot up, first let me explain how we play the 8-ball games at the Friendship Center”. To make our games more challenging and competitive, we play by the “Alabama Rules.” The #1 ball (solid color) must be made in the in the right side-center pocket. The #15 (stripe) must be made in the left side center pocket. All the other balls can be made in any pocket. Now comes the big shot. The cue ball was on the rail at one end of the table and the15-ball was slightly past the center pocket four inches from the hole. Johnson had to bank the cue ball to the rail cushion at the other end. The cue ball barely touched the15 ball to perfectly cut it into the pocket. “WOW!” It was the shot of the day, week, month, year!! His new title is now “Amazing Arnold.” The other players on Tuesday were Joe Oligmueller and Warren Skinner against Johnson and Jesse Hammer. The results for the day were quite amazing too. Arnold and Jesse won the daily 8-ball series six games to three. Once again in the “Championship of the World “game, amazing Arnold made a beautiful “kiss-shot” of the 8-ball in the corner pocket to seal the double-crown victory for his team. On this day Jesse was fortunate to have Arnold on his team. In defeat Joe and Warren made their share of great shots, but not quite enough. More importantly, it was a great day of friendship and fun to play with Joe and Warren.

Dec. 13: The team that makes the most balls in the “right-side” holes, win, and by golly that’s pretty close to what happened today. Merve Mewes and Warren Skinner eked out a two to one win over Joe Oligmueller and George Mogle. Then over to the Snooker table at 2 p.m. Another shoot out and Mewes and Skinner came out the winners over Oligmueller and Mogle by two to one, and even the “W.P.P. Championship.” We played, ate lunch, played some more and went home friends”. Come play with us. We’ll have a jolly-good time.

Dec.19: Cards.

Dec. 20: Potluck at 12 noon

Dec. 21: Cards in afternoon. There will NOT be a dance this evening.

Dec: 22: Cards

Dec. 24: and 25: The center will be closed. Open again on the 26th.

Exercises Monday, Wednesday and Friday- 9:30 to 10:30 a.m.