Fr. Roger Geditz retired parish preist celebrated mass Polo-Orient 8-7-13

Posted August 7, 2013 at 11:07 am

It tried to rain and the ground did get wet Monday. Some may be able to measure a little from the cloudy Monday that continues to tease us that rain may be forthcoming.  One has to admit for the end of July, which is usually hot harvest season, July 2013 is definitely being abnormal. Sweaters or light jackets have to be handy to grab if one likes being comfortable; as so the blankets for comfortable sleeping. Not at all like we usually think of the end of July when the air conditioners are getting a good workout. But we all know, wait 24 hours and the story can take on a whole different spin on the thermometer.

Family and friends gathered at St. Liborius Wednesday, July 25 for the funeral of Vivian Martinmaas Meyer who was buried at Calvary Cemetery following the Mass at St. Liborius, celebrated by Fr. Christopher Hughes. Lunch was served at the Orient Cabernet Room after Mass and burial. Vivian’s siblings, Joe Martinmaas, Bill Martinmaas, Loyola (Dub) Curtis, Mary Lee and Don Keelin, were joined by her children, Mark, Rod, Mary and Marty, Vivian’s grandchildren,  nieces and nephews and friend for the family time and services.



Parishioners gathered at St. Liborius Church Saturday for the Mass celebrated by former retired parish priest, Fr. Roger Geditz, from Geddes. Fr. Gedtiz was filling in for Father Murtha, who is on vacation; therefore, he had Masses in Miller and Wessington also. Many of his former St. Liborius parishioners when he served in Polo 1979-1984, visited with him during the lunch following mass.

Rita Caswell, Wetumpka, Ala., is spending a couple months visiting her sister, Becky and Ray Martinmaas in Polo. Sunday, Rita enjoyed doing a perfect weather day walking tour of the countryside while Bob Schaefer pointed out the many kinds of vegetation in the area.

Colleen Leer arrived Thursday night, July 25, from Pensacola, Fla. to spend a couple of weeks with her parents, Jack and JoAnn Schaefers, and siblings. She came especially for the wedding of her niece, Desirae Schaefers.

Desirae Schaefers, daughter of Doug and Darla Schaefers, Huron, and Sam McFee were married Saturday, July 27, 2013 at Resurrection Church  by Fr. Terry Anderson. Jack and JoAnn Schaefers and Colleen Leer, who is here spending a couple of weeks, attended the wedding and stayed overnight and visited with Jeff and Carole Stoecker and Camille Dunnick. The newlyweds will be making their home in Minneapolis where both are employed following college graduation.

Your news items are more than welcome, so I will be waiting to hear from you. Time to get a column squeezed in this week became a challenge. Next week we will have the “rest of the stories,” including the picture of  Father Rykland and Fr. Pohlmeier who were in Polo visiting Monday, from Nebraska. Father Rykland served in St. Liborius Parish and has visited the other three St. Liboirus parishes in the US, as well as the original in Paderborn, Germany.

Fr. Roger Geditz retired parish preist celebrated mass