Former elementary officially transferred to On Hand

Posted January 22, 2014 at 6:17 pm

The January school board meeting was called to order by Connie Schoeder at 6:02 pm on Jan 13,2014. Board members present were Bertsch, Hurd, Rombough, Runge, Schroeder, and Zacher. The board approved the agenda, minutes of December 9, 2013 meting, financial report, and payment of presented bills.

The Community Center Committee was present to request that the school board rescind the original resolution to transfer ownership of the vacant school building to the city and instead transfer that ownership directly to On Hand Development Corp. It has become apparent to the committee that following procedures required by city government rules will be too time consuming in making the changes to the school the committee feels are necessary.

The Committee has a time frame of starting removal of the old mechanical room, demolition of the old building, and having a new mechanical room in place and working by October 2014. They will adjust their schedule as needed to not interfere with current use. Community Center committee member have spoken with Puetz Construction about the work that needs to be done. The committee felt they have a good reputation and past work history in the community. Puetz worked on both the courthouse and hospital projects.

Pete DeGeest was questioned about the removal of the debris. DeGeest referred that question to Ron Blachford, who shook his head in the affirmative.

Superintendent Mike Ruth shared, “The oil tank is in need of being filled and is scheduled for later this week.” Schroeder, “Do we have that money budgeted?”

Ruth, “Yes, we have enough budgeted for two more fills, if it stays +35 degrees we should be ok, if it goes back to -35 degrees we may be in trouble.” Ruth also stated that the cleaning of the facility is being handled by Dale Alumbaugh, and no complaints have been raised.

Mrs. Caffee stated RTI (Response To Intervention) bench mark testing will be done with the K-3 grades. This testing is done three times a year. Board member Connie Schroeder asked, “Have we seen any results of this testing?” Mrs. Caffee replied, “We are seeing less Special Ed referrals because of this testing. The cost of the testing was $1,200 and seem to be well worth the investment.”

After each round of testing a collaboration meeting is held. Two floating subs are hired, so teachers can attend these meetings.

Mrs. Caffee will be attending a principals conference in Deadwood. She is looking forward to sharing great ideas when she returns.

Mr. Shoemaker will be meeting with teachers over the next weeks gathering information on classes for next year. There are currently 14 students in pre-calculas that would be interested in a calculus class next year. The students relayed to Mr. Shoemaker that they would like to take this class with a live teacher vs taped delayed classes. The Jr. high and 6th grade will be attending the quiz bowl in Pierre on Feb. 5th. The schedule for students over the next weeks are very full with numerous activities.

Mr. Shoemaker has signed up for a web casting class. The school would be able to set up an iPad and broadcast over the web student activities. These broadcasts would be archived for future viewing. The ability to watch these broadcasts would be free for the school and the end viewer. A sign up and password would be needed. The White River School is currently participating and they state, ” It is great.”

The superintendant’s report started with the announcement that Jamie Mentzer was named second team All State Volleyball class A and Christina Koeck and Jenna Heilman were named Academic All State for Volleyball.

Mr. Ruth stated, “I met with Nancy Lewellen today, the land has surveyed, platted and has gotten all the required notary stamps. The land surplus will be ready for an action item at the February meeting.”

E Board Solutions is offering Miller to be part of its pilot program for its policy handbook. The policy handbook would be online, and be monitored by E Board Solution for necessary changes. The cost would be $600 annually but would help the policy manual stay in compliance with the changing times.

The insurance committee met at 4:30 on Monday night. The main focus was how is the affordable care act impacting our staff. Tim Zacher stated, “The price is going up.” There was a lot of discussion on this matter, with several different ideas. The insurance committee will explore some of these and make a report at the next meeting.

Wrestling room renovations are moving forward. Puetz Construction/Architects is meeting with Mr. Ruth and Ryan Resel on Tuesday, Jan. 14 to present some options.

The board waived the fees for the Rustler Roost Fundraiser on Jan. 14, Knights of Columbus fundraiser Feb. 21, and the Miller Booster Club Fundraiser on Feb. 8, 2014.

Approval was given for Kohlman, Biersbach and Anderson to perform the annual school audit for Fiscal year ending June 30, 2014.

Open enrollments were granted to three students, for the remainder of the 2013-14 school year.

Three board members up for re-election are: David Fremark, Cindy Rombough and Michael Runge. These are three-year terms. The date set for the election will be Tuesday, April 8, 2014.

The board approved the request of the MEA to be recognized as the official bargaining unit to the Miller School District.

The board entered executive session for the express purpose of superintendent evaluation at 7:14 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:18 p.m.

The next meeting will be Feb. 17 at 6:00 p.m.