Folks travel near and far over Christmas holiday Gann Valley 1-2-13

Posted January 2, 2012 at 8:00 am

Folks travel near and far over Christmas holiday

A good-sized crowd attended Christmas Eve Mass at St. Placidus Duncan Church.

On December 19, Evelyn Wulff attended Dylan Wulff’s school class presentation on different countries of the world.

Ellen Speck had a family Christmas get-together on Saturday at the Shannon and Jody Speck home in St. Lawrence.

Gene and Carol Grabin spent Christmas Day at the Judy Baldwin home in Salem.

On December 17, Linda Ness attended the open house at the First Dakota National Bank in Kimball.

Gene Grabin took Keith Bridge to the Sioux Falls Airport on the 20th so he could fly to his granddaughter’s in Chicago for Christmas. Due to the weather in Chicago, he didn’t make it until Friday.

Linda Ness attended the funeral services for Gen Natvig December 17.

Ellen Speck spent Christmas Day with the Rich and Ellie Cotton family in Miller.

Evelyn Wulff was a supper guest at the Wes and Charity Wulff home on Tuesday evening.

December 19, Linda Ness attended a recital at the Kimball School. Catie Natvig, her granddaughter, was a participant.

Patrick and Jennifer Cuka and family arrived Christmas Day at the Gene and Carol Grabin home and returned home Thursday.   Gunnar Cuka stayed with Grandpa and Grandma for a few days’ visit.

Evelyn Wulff visited Mildred Dorwart on Saturday afternoon in Kimball.

Linda Ness attended a Christmas party at the Sheryn Ekstrum home by Kimball on December 20.

JoAnne Pickner accompanied Ken and Elaine Wulff to Sioux Falls Christmas Eve to join the rest of the family at the Janet Wulff home. On Christmas Day the family gathered at the Kevin and Crystal Wulff home.

Linda Ness attended the Oak Ridge Boys Concert at Mitchell the evening of December 20.

Evelyn Wulff joined Barb and Doug Schleder, Darlene Fousek, and Edith and Ron Wittrock for Christmas.

Christmas Day Juanita Sinkie accompanied Josh and Amber Sinkie and children to the George and Barbara Sinkie home in Mitchell. George and Barb brought Juanita back to her home in the evening and visited.

Saturday, Linda Ness attended the funeral services for Pat Peterson at Wessington Springs.

Linda Ness took her four Natvig granddaughters to the movie show in Chamberlain on Sunday.

The family of Linda Ness joined her at her home on Christmas Day.

Everyone enjoyed a white Christmas. Thursday added another layer of snow.  We wish everyone a Happy New Year with safe travels.