Five generations visit at Sinkie get-together 1-22-13

Posted January 22, 2014 at 6:15 pm

Five generations visit at Sinkie get-together

A get-together by the Sinkie family was held in Wessington Springs at the Weskota Manor apartments.  Attending were Matt and Dulcy Sinkie, Taylor, Taryn and Tyra; Shelly Barber; Wade and Lana Anfinson and Matt of Waubay; Joe and Sheila Sinkie, of Hill City; Sara Peta, Haidlee Hanson-Sinkie, Mark Sinkie and Ashley Herrick, all of Mitchell.  A dinner was enjoyed and five-generation pictures were taken. 


Gann Valley

Judy Gaulke and Alice Crater attended the Women in Blue Jean Conference in Mitchell Thursday evening and Friday.

Gene and Carol Grabin attended Eastern Star in Wessington Springs Monday evening.

The coffee crew and Gene and Carol Grabin joined the gals at the Courthouse for coffee Monday morning to wish Evelyn Wulff a Happy Birthday.

Linda Ness attended the Women in Blue Jeans Conference in Mitchell Thursday and Friday.

Barbara Sinkie, of Mitchell, visited Juanita Sinkie on Friday and took her shopping.

Dave Gaulke attended a Central Electric Cooperative meeting in Pierre one day last week.

Linda Ness visited in the home of Neil and Laurie Beauchamp in Winner on Sunday.

Joe Sinkie participated in the Farm and Home Show at Miller with a booth for his Derby Elk Resort and campaign seat for U.S. Senate.

Friday Carol Grabin visited Sonia Shelske at her home and did some quilting.

Judy Gaulke visited with Zola Ashley at Wessington Springs on Monday and picked up Juanita Sinkie for a Legion Auxiliary meeting in Gann Valley.

Gene and Carol Grabin attended the Farm and Home Show in Miller on Saturday.

Ken and Elaine Wulff joined Kevin and Crystal Wulff and Kristian in Kimball for dinner on Sunday.

Windy weather seems to be the norm lately. Temperatures up to 40 has melted some of the ice.

All of us could take a lesson from the weather.  It pays no to attention to criticism.