Fires take toll on windy day Ree Heights 9-26-12

Posted September 25, 2012 at 6:00 pm

The weather this week has been mixed with the hot to cold or cool with the temperatures only into the low 60s for Saturday and Sunday and the lows down into the 20s and low 30s for part of the area.  Many covered some of the more fragile plants these nights.

The Ree Heights Fire Department was called out Wednesday to a fire west of Polo and also responded to the fire near Lake Louise. Both were started by a combine in a soybean field, and the wind that was quite strong that day spread them to a nearby corn field. The one near Polo didn’t get into the corn field very far, but the one near Lake Louise did, and went very fast. They saved some of the field.  Another fire was started north of Wessington that was the same way.  With the wind blowing it is very dangerous to be out in the fields when it is as dry as it is. Farmers, be very careful!


Ree Heights

On our way to my five-year-old son’s favorite play place, we ran into some traffic that was caused by a car accident. Thankfully, it didn’t appear anyone was hurt, but just in case I told Peter, “We should say a prayer.” Peter dutifully bowed his head and folded his hands.  “Please, God,” he said, “Don’t let those banged-up cars stop us from getting to Chuck E Cheese.” That wasn’t exactly what I was thinking!”

Fires take toll on windy day