Farmers begin to combine Ree Heights 8-7-13

Posted August 7, 2013 at 11:06 am

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Farmers begin to combine

The weather this past week has cooled off some and the humidity has gone down. We received a shower on Friday morning that totaled .34 of an inch. We had gotten about .40 of an inch a week ago but this is the first that we have had for more that a month, except for a 2 to 7 hundredth of an inch at a time and not very many of them. The farmers are beginning to combine around here and a lot of the haying is done or getting done.

Word has been received that the frozen berry truck will be here on Monday, Aug. 12th at 7 p.m.

Jared and Noah Beck, Huron, and Margie, Jeff, Tara and Trevor Parmely, Miller, and Evan Steers, Miller, were Sunday visitors at the Delton and Carole Beck home.

There isn’t much of anything going on around here for news.

Excited that my eight-year-old daughter was old enough to start helping around the house, I taught her how to wash dishes. As she was scrubbing a pot, she came upon a spot that was tough to clean. I told her to use a little elbow grease on it, and it wouldn’t be a problem. A few minutes later she called out, “Mom, I looked all over for the elbow grease, but I can’t find any.”


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