Fall harvest in full swing in Ree Hills

Posted October 2, 2012 at 5:12 pm

The weather this past week has been very nice for this time of year with the temperatures into the 70s and 80s for most of the week. There hasn’t been a whole lot of wind for this week, but no rain, either. The farmers are getting a lot of harvesting done when the wind isn’t blowing.  There are lots of soybean fields and cornfields done.    

The Ree Heights Fire Department was called for an incident practice on Tuesday, but were only part way there when the incident practice was finished. This is a practice to see how they would handle an emergency in real life. All of the county emergency departments were involved in this, to see how they react and work together.


Ree Heights

Barb Bouren went to Selby on August 23 to visit at the Chris and Nicolle Stallkamp home, and returned home on August 27.

Barb Bouren left on August 30 for Colorado with Bob, Sandi and Cody Hall. The Halls went to Loveland, Colo. to attend the wedding of Bob’s niece.  Frank and Janet Sisk, Westminster, Colo., picked Barb up in Loveland and took her to their home in Westminster.  Barb got to visit with her cousin, Carole Rychtarik in Rico, Colo., and with her 99-year-old aunt, Ellen Koc, at her son’s home in Woodland Park, Colo. Ellen is still in very good health.

Frank and Janet Sisk brought Barb home on September 20 and were house guests of Barb while they were here. 

Sunday, Sept. 23. dinner guests at the Barb Bouren home were Frank and Janet Sisk, Westminster, Colo.; Charles Sisk, Pierre; Chris, Nicolle, David and Chelsea Stallkamp, Selby; Vicki and Kylie Oligmueller, Miller; Hazel Bouren, Miller; Bob, Sandi and Colton Hall, Ree Heights. Other guests in the afternoon for birthday cake and ice cream for the August and September birthdays were all of the above, plus Dorothy and Marilyn Engelmann, and Mary Alice Vaughn, all of Miller. 

Frank and Janet Sisk left for their home in Westminster and the Stallkamps left for their home in Selby on Sunday after the celebrations.

Before starting preschool summer camp, a mother was trying to teach her little three-year-old to dress himself and when she noticed that he had his left shoe on his right foot and the right shoe on his left foot she told him that he had his shoes on the wrong feet. He looked down at his shoes and looking confused he said to his mother, “No Mommy, I have them on MY FEET!”

Delton and Carole Beck visited at the Jeff and Margie Parmely home in Miller on Sunday morning.