Easter egg hunt will be March 30 in Gann Valley 3-13-13

Posted March 12, 2013 at 4:54 pm

Easter egg hunt will be March 30 in Gann Valley

Barbara Sinkie, Mitchell, visited with Juanita Sinkie and Connie Timmerman at their residences in Wessington Springs on Thursday.


Gann Valley

Judy Gaulke visited with Zola Ashley at her home in Wessington Springs Monday.

Due to the weather, no Mass was held at St. Placidus Church over the weekend.

Monday evening, David and Judy Gaulke joined Robin Knigge, Butch Wait and Marge Knigge for supper and some card playing.

Gunnar Cuka, Sioux Falls, was a weekend visitor in the Gene and Carol Grabin home.

David and Judy Gaulke attended a relative’s funeral Saturday in Mitchell.

Monday, Linda Ness traveled to Gregory, where her granddaughters, Carlee and Catie Natvig, participated in the Honor Society Choir.

Gene Grabin babysat Thursday for his granddaughter at the Patrick and Jennifer Cuka home. Gunnar came home with him for a few days’ visit.

David and Judy Gaulke had supper at Fort Thompson on Sunday evening to celebrate Judy’s birthday.

The annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held in Gann Valley Saturday, March 30, starting at 1:30 p.m. on the courthouse lawn. Bring your Easter baskets. 

The Gann Valley area received around five inches of snow, which started out as rain, on Saturday.

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